This collection is perfect for the lovers of a rustic and artisanal style. The Nature Collection was designed to reflect the harmony between authenticity and simplicity, elegance and sophistication. The front cover of the album is made of a thin structure in wood. As for the back cover of the album you may choose among several different shades of MicroLeather. Wood colors vary between light, dark, Nogal and Pine wood. The cover may be customized with laser engraving. 





Adapting all needs with the expectations, in this collection we join an album with a simple box, innovative and elegant, totally adapted to the album measures. You are able to choose among a number of cover materials that we have available, not only for the album but also for the box.




The simplicity and elegance of the CLASSIC album cover enhance the high-quality standard. It's available in several cover materials, which makes it customizable to adjust to the customer’s taste. A simple album indicated to any event.