As we are always on the move there is some kind of photography that we don't get to experience, for example, Proposal Photoshoots.

Proposal shoots are usually not planned so much in advance (as a wedding) and the photography budget for the short period wouldn't justify us driving hundreds of miles to do a proposal shoot when someone inquires us for that… We would have to be already in the right place, at the right time.

What are the odds?

But guess what? That's exactly what happened this week.

We met Jesse and Bree over a year ago in NYC and we did a photoshoot with them   LINK  

 Jesse, now, texted us

"What are the chances of you will be around NYC in a couple of weeks?"

"We are in NYC now and will be here for over a month… What do you have in mind?"

And so this happened: LOVE – a ton of it – in front of us!

It's the same love we see on the wedding but the excitement is different… Proposals are so emotional, so special, so beautiful. We couldn't stop smiling, and yes, we cried too… a lot! lol

She thought it was going to be just a photoshoot, a Love Session… And then "SURPRISE"! Otto did a live video so family and friends that were hiding could participate. Here is the link of the video:​ LINK