delaware-wedding Kelsey & Sam – a Love Story from Delaware

We first met through our mutual friend Jesse. He didn't exactly introduce us. He was the front man in Sam's band Locksley and when I asked them to play a gig at my sister's big high school graduation party in 2005, that's where we officially met. The funny thing was that although the party was elsewhere, we actually shook hands for the first time at my parents' house. Haha! Who knew he would end up becoming family?

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massachusetts-87 massachusetts-88 massachusetts-89 massachusetts-90 massachusetts-91 The Proposal

Sam proposed to me in our friend's bar/restaurant in Brooklyn. He had a laptop hidden over in the DJ's area which was facing us when he popped the question. I had no idea but the laptop was live streaming his proposal (and of course, my reaction) to a full room of friends and family right next door! After I said "yes", he turned around to face (what seemed to me like an imaginary friend) the laptop and started waving his hand in a "come on in!" motion. I saw a few friends walk in and was smiling but was still so confused. Suddenly, I saw my Mom and I just lost it! I realized Sam had organized this well in advance and he had taken the extra time to make sure they would all be there! And in case you were wondering, I was completely surprised from moment one. It also took me awhile to process everything. I was so happy and then I saw that Sam's Dad and sister had flown in from Wisconsin for us. That's when it really hit me; I cried happy tears. The rest of the night is kind of a blur, to be honest.

massachusetts-92 massachusetts-93 massachusetts-95 massachusetts-96 The Wedding

We both agreed early on that we wanted a simple outdoor wedding. Not a "Real Simple" wedding. Not what some would consider a "hipster" wedding. Just something super colorful and fun along with a party that made our friends and family feel as involved as possible without any air of pretension or sophistication. Ha. Neither of us are that sophisticated. Simple in our case also meant choosing a place that was easy for our family to travel to. I also decided not to have any matching bridesmaid dresses and no "attire rules". We only asked our groomsmen to wear blue or navy blue. We ending up choosing (what was) my parents' front yard and backyard (at the time) for our wedding location.

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It was everything we wanted and more. I know people always say that about their weddings but we really did have the best time and we know, thanks to the awesome pics Dani and Grasi took during the reception, that everyone in attendance did too. Their son Otto was actually THE life of the party. I think he should come along and dance at every reception. Always. And especially if there's a chance "Uptown Funk" will be played.

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I loved our wedding so much and I know Sam did too. My advice to anyone planning a wedding themselves would be 1) Don't sweat the small stuff unless it MEANS A LOT TO YOU. Let someone else sweat it. A close pal or family member will always step up to the plate if you have too many details you've started worrying about. Just ask for help. And, 2) Unless you're having a destination wedding and you need all the planning time you can practically salvage, I would allow only 6-9 months for planning. Any more than that and you may start to get a little stir crazy "waiting for the big day" (like I did) and any less than that and you may end up spending more money than you need to. We only overspent on our valet service and our tent (which we decided we really didn't need since it didn't rain, but hey, you can never be too careful). Finally, 3) Don't let anyone talk you into doing things because "it's just how things have always been done." That is a rigid way of viewing a celebration of love that is supposed to be uniquely your own! We ended up having a wedding with a strong appreciation for bright colors, Muppets, beer, hip hop and pie. Trust me, it was unique and we had a friggin' blast.