1montana-2Yandra & Jasiel – a Love Story from Florida


We are both from cuba living in Florida. We met through a mutual good friend of ours. He invited Jasiel, who lived in miami at the time, for a graduation party where we first met. Later we went to the beach at night and we exchanged numbers… We have been together for 1 year and 11 months before our wedding. We love going out together, eating, drinking starbucks, traveling the world, talking a lot… We love eachothers smile and being with eachother because we laugh so much!

montana-2 montana-3 montana-4"Yandra is a beautiful girl with a touch of adventure, always willing to go the extra mile to make me happy. A loving caring woman with a big heart. To me, my Bride is the definition of perfection." – Jasiel

montana-5 montana-7 montana-8I never really had a dream wedding but I knew I wanted amazing flowers! My wedding was more than i could ever imagine. It was my vision come true. Planning was great until the last month when everything started going insane. My advice for a bride planning a wedding would be to do your research, never give up! Keep searching and barganing. Look for deals and for very professional people and that will ease up the pressure on the big day!

montana-9 montana-10 montana-11 montana-12 montana-13 montana-14 montana-15 montana-16 montana-17 montana-18 montana-19"Jasiel is an amazing man! Hes loving, caring, and passionate. Always making me smile and always making me feel safe in his arms. My groom is the love of my life." – Yandra

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Flowers: Marcy amazing blossoms www.amazingblossoms.com

Decoration: L&L events www.landleventstampa.com/

Catering: L&L events www.landleventstampa.com/

Cake: Sweets bakery www.cafesweetsbakery.com

Hair: Destiny and Light www.destinyandlight.com/

Make up: Jackie Riley www.jackierileymakeup.com/

Video: Daylin Lavoy www.daylinlavoyphotography.com/

DJ: David Artal

Limo: New Tampa Limo www.newtampalimo.com/