The philosophy of jump photography
This concept of jump photography was created by the amazing photographer Philippe Halsman. He photographed many personalities like Salvador Dali, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn in mid air.
"When you ask a person to jump, his attention is mostly directed toward the act of jumping and the mask falls so that the real person appears."  Philippe Halsman's Jump Book – 1959.
We love to create those sublime fun images with couples, to capture all the joy of them on that floating second.

He is my partner for life! The love of my life. 
She is a very special person that fullfills in every way.


He is a man of integrity. My partner for everything… The best father I could have chosen for my daughter.
She is the best companion I could have ask God for! Caring, attentive and always helping me to grow… She is beautiful and sexy!


He is my desire to make life worth living!
She is a dream that becomes reality and makes life the best experience to be lived.


He is the person who made me want to have a home of our own, a family. He made me believe in love. Not to mention he is gorgeous, affectionate and please all my wishes…
She is my little girl which I have such great love for… 


He is the love, affection, companionship, dreams and joy of my life!
She is a little piece of heaven that God sent me.


He is my "Petebo"! He's a living proof that God exists and loves me for giving the gift of a husband as he…
She is my "Peteba"! She's my motivation "


He is a joker! Funny and always with a big smile in any circumstance. I love him without measurement. 
She is the best part of my life!


He is an amazing man, my balance point!
She is a tiny woman with a huge heart. Marrying her was the best decision I ever made. 


He is one of the most kind hearted, easy going, loyal, trust worthy men I know!
She is beautiful, smart, witty, caring, godly, creative, generous, and amazing. But best of all: SHE IS MINE!!


Being married is to have a team, a team that multiplies joys and divides the difficulties.


He came to bring love and joy in my life.
She is the perfect match for all times and adventures of my life.


He is my love! My partner… Perfect even in his imperfections!
She is unique. The partner that makes my life special!


He is my fun mate … my friend … my husband!
She is the love of my life!


He is the best choice I've made. I know he will make me smile for the rest of my life.
She is a crazy partner and that's all that I expected from her but she is much more than that. For me, no one in the world is more perfect than her. I love my wife more than bacon and the computer… and that's a whole lot of love!!!


He's the confidence that makes me dream everyday knowing that I can do more…
She is love without measurement!


He is an amazing person that I was fortunate to know and who fills my life with joy. 
She is my love.


He is a man with the spirit of a boy, playful, outgoing, intelligent, smart and with a huge heart.
My great one!
She is unique! The cover of my pot!!