Lauren & Marc – A Love Story from Minessota

We met in NYC through the online dating site OkCupid. We have been together since April 2014. We like to get ice cream cones and walk through the park (Central Park) on summer nights together. Every day we enjoy spending time together, mostly doing nothing in particular, but just being together. We love that we support each other through everything, whether it's a growth opportunity at work that is proving challenging or an exciting milestone for one of us. Regardless of what is is, the key word is "us" and "our". We chose to marry at Lauren's dad's farm in Stillwater, MN, where she grew up. The procession began from her childhood bedroom!



"A perfect, loving man with a huge heart and a passion to continually improve himself and support those around him to also become better." – Lauren

"A woman who never ceases to amaze with her talents and her incredibly sunny outlook on life – something that everyone around her (including me!) finds very invigorating." – Marc 

THE PROPOSAL: One night they were eating salads after the gym (showered but not put together) in their apartment and she went to get some ice cream. She received an atypical response – to wait just a moment. Then he started talking about how they had created a life together in this home, how great they are together, and how much he loves her. As he got down on one knee and proposed she was flapping with excitement and joy – "Yes!"

THE WEDDING: It was perfect! We had an elegant fall wedding on the bride's family's farm in Stillwater, MN, where she grew up. The groom is from Los Angeles and loves the desert, especially succulents. Thus, we incorporated succulents with natural greenery (e.g., ferns) into the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and decor around the ceremony & reception areas, to marry the two styles together. The bride's dad put his heart & soul into the entire event. He made arches and chuppah by twisting vines (from the farm) around each other, and suspended twisted vines between the pine trees on either side of the main arch and the chuppah (ceremony front) and pine trees on either side of the entry arch. He also had the fantastic idea of building a bar of natural materials, and having guests sign the bar top as our guest book. The bride's mom & stepdad made hollowed-out birch stumps and a mix of succulents in them. (We used these around the ceremony & reception areas.) It also didn't hurt that we seriously lucked out on the weather. 90% chance of thunderstorms and we ended up able to dance under the lights on the lawn all night long. Seriously, we aren't kidding – it was perfect. There were some rough moments during planning. There's a lot of pressure, a lot of which is self-imposed, to do everything perfectly for your wedding. We navigated it together, which made it doable. It was also a great help to have an amazing wedding planner (shout out to Paloma at RoseTree Events!) help us make our way through the process. We prioritized the guest experience – the food, the booze and the music. We have also been to plenty of lengthy ceremonies, and knew we didn't want to put anyone (including us) through that. It all worked out perfectly, with a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that allowed us and our guests to celebrate in a relaxed atmosphere.

An advice we would give to a couple planning their wedding? Definitely get a wedding planner. They will provide valuable advice (they've seen a few of these before!), recommend great vendors, and allow everyone to enjoy the day by providing invaluable oversight the week, and particularly the day, of. 

Rock Star Vendors:

Wedding Planner
Paloma Mohler of Rosetree Weddings & Events

Mark Dee
Friend of the Groom

Reception and Ceremony Venue
Father of the Bride Farm in Stillwater, MN

Musicians – Ceremony
Karin Valdizan – Violinist

Hair & Makeup
Cristina Ziemer

Après Event Décor & Tent Rental –

Caterer, Bar and Cake
Chowgirls Killer Catering

Reception DJ
Instant Request

Camrose Hill

Rocker in Love

Paper Designer
A Milestone Paper Co.

Eclipse Global Transportation