Justine & Max – A Love Story From Minnesota

Max and I claim to remember meeting each other at different times. Max remembers meeting me for the first time while going to see a movie with a large group of mutual friends. I remember meeting him for the first time when he walked down a flight of stairs at a friends house wearing tie-dye and a pony tail, and I leaned over to a mutual friend and judgmentally asked "Who's that hippie?" Shortly after we met, Max asked for my number since we had the same group of friends and wanted to be able to invite me to hang out when he had group get-togethers. We soon found ourselves hanging out almost every night, and quickly becoming best friends. I enjoyed his friendship so much, I was reluctant to take it any further, despite Max's numerous attempts. After six months of inseparable friendship, I found myself apart from my best friend when he was away for a music festival. While lamenting to mutual friends about how much I missed Max while he was gone, I was bombarded with two friends tired of me denying I was in love with him. They were right. So, after several glasses of "liquid courage" I decided to call Max and profess my love to him at 4am. Little did I know, he was currently evacuating from the festival due bad weather, and I took his hurried "Uhhh, ok" as a dismissal. It wasn’t until the next day that I got an explanation, and a very resounding "I am in love with you too."

I love Max's love of adventure, his intelligence, how fun loving he is, and how devoted he is to those he cares about. He is always up to do something new and can't sit still. He travels often, and when he finds something he loves, he makes it a goal to become an expert at it. Everything Max does he does to his fullest ability. He never takes shortcuts. I also LOVE his beard… it's the best. – Justine

My groom is the person who started as my best friend first. He's the man who has taken me on the greatest adventures and opened my world to things I could never dream of. He's the man who has helped me to be a my greatest, and has picked me up at my lowest. He's the person I laugh with every day, bicker with a little too often, and is my shoulder to cry on when tears are shed. His laugh is infectious, and his devotion is endless. His is my my soulmate, my best friend, and most importantly, my partner in crime.

I love Justine for her out-going personality, her generosity and kindness, and her unbridled-adventurous spirit.  – Max 

My bride is beautiful, funny, and caring. She hates mornings and loves late nights. She is always thinking of others first, and what she can do to make someone's life better. She is as much at home starting a campfire in the woods as she is staying in a fancy hotel by the ocean. She is a cigar-smoking, beer-drinking, foul-mouthed German girl from Southern Minnesota, and my favorite person in the entire world.



Max waited nearly 6 years before popping the question, so naturally, I was a little antsy… because I wanted to marry my best friend! For my 28th birthday, he surprised me with a weekend trip to the small Colorado town of Salida, He booked a trip at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast, and told me to pack my bags for a surprise trip! In my mind, I was wondering "is this the weekend it's going to happen?!" The city he took me to was beautiful, and we spent the first two nights enjoying all the restaurants and bars the city had to offer. However, late Saturday evening I began to realize that maybe this wasn't the weekend. I got a bit mopey, and Max, knowing full well the surprise he had in store, tried to lift my spirits by organizing an entire bar full of people to sing Happy Birthday. Still no proposal though. The next day, Sunday May 8th, was my birthday. It also happened to coincide with Mother's day, so as we packed our bags to get back to Denver, I was reminded we needed to call our Mothers. We decided one final brunch was in order before leaving town, but first we stopped at a local park by a river to call our Mothers to wish them Happy Mother's day. As we both called our moms I gave up all hope Max would propose. After, we took a quick walk by the river, and Max sent me an email with my birthday gift. Two tickets to see Dolly Parton at Red Rocks! A wonderful present, but not the one I was yearning for. My hopes for engagement gone, we walked a few steps further, and as Max was behind me I heard a "Hey Justine." I turn around and Max is down on one knee. He asks the question and I am so happy I can barely remember if I manage to say yes. But I did, and here we are today.


 Our vision for our wedding was to gather all of the amazing people who have brought us to this point in our lives together, in the woods, for a weekend of food, music, drinking, dancing, and celebration. Our wedding was the perfect mix of rustic and elegant, of rough cut and smoothly polished. It was better than anything we ever could of hoped for. During the planning period we frequently lost sight of the forest for the trees, getting lost in the minutiae and the details. I look back now on the little things that seemed like big things and have a hard time remembering what we were even concerned about. On the day of the Wedding, all of our hard work came together to create a truly incredible experience that we will never forget. To be surrounded and blessed by all of the people in our lives who have contributed, one way or another, to helping us become the people that we are today. Good people, good music, good food, good drink. Our wedding was better than I ever could have imagined, even with the rain.

We enjoy traveling together, seeking out fun destinations built around our love of craft beer and live music. We like riding bicycles, boating, and taking road trips. We are always looking forward to hanging out with our family and friends, hosting barbecues and attending parties. We love spending our days in the park, at the lake, or cuddled up on the sofa watching Star Wars.

An advice we would give to a bride planning a wedding?

You don't have to do anything you don't like. Tradition is silly. Have fun, it's your wedding, and your day! Make it what YOU want.

The Rock Star Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planner: Paloma Mohler of www.rosetreeevents.com

Church/Ceremony Venue: Outdoor Ceremony at Camp Ojiketa (Ojiketa Regional Park)

Officiant: Josh Wilzcyk, Friend of the Bride and Groom Reception

Hair & Makeup: Nicole Fae makeup artist – hair stylist – www.makeupbynicolefae.com

Rentals: www.apresparty.com

Caterer: Gastrotruck www.gastrotruck.mobi

Liquor/Bar: www.twistbartendingservice.com

Bakery/Cake : www.angelfoodmn.com

Band/DJ: www.worldsfinestmusic.com

Florist: Molly | studio emme www.shopstudioemme.us

 Reception Decor: Gravy Home Goods, www.facebook.com/gravyhomegoods

Photographer : Grasi + Dani + Otto www.rockerinlove.com

Paper Designer: Friend of the Bride and Groom

Transportation : www.eclipsecars.com

Dress Designer/Tux : Custom made by Friend of the Bride

Bridesmaids Skirts: Amazon

Photo Booth : www.thetravelingphotobooth.com/