Sara & Jake – A Love Story From Oklahoma

We were both in our freshmen year at Texas A&M University and had been selected for a leadership organization on campus. The organization had an event to introduce everyone and Sara and I were put in the same group, but the sparks didn’t start flying just yet. A few weeks later we were at a football game watching A&M beat the hell out of Baylor, and I took a photo on her phone with another friend. I messaged her on Facebook a few days later asking her to text me the photo (hence getting her number). We’ve been together for over six years now! Through all of our undergraduate college experiences and now through Jake’s law school. It’s been an adventure and it’s just starting!

Jake is the best at taking my dreams and making me step out of my comfort zone and actually pursue them. Without his support, I would take a lot less risks and would experience fewer adventures. Sometimes the adventure is a new restaurant and sometimes its skiing in a new country but he is always encouraging me to not be afraid to experience the unknown and I can knowing he is right there with me. Also, I love the way Jake is completely unapologetic about who he is. He has confidence in himself and belief that he can do anything he sets his mind to. Jake is an old man in disguise. He is crotchety and set in his ways but he is also thoughtful and puts family above all – Sara

THE PROPOSAL: I had just arrived back from studying in China for two months and her birthday was the next week. So I hurried getting everything together and planned for us to go fishing together at a nearby lake (one of her favorite activities). Right before it got dark, I went and got her birthday presents from the truck, four in total. Inside each one was a riddle of some sort for her to solve. When you opened and solved all four, the answers composed the phrase “Will you marry me?” She said yes! We may not have caught any fish that night, but we did catch each other! Get it? Sara is one of the kindest individuals I have ever met. It always amazes me how consistently she chooses to take the high road and be considerate when she would just as easily be justified acting scornfully. Additionally, she is more patient than I deserve and somehow tolerates my shenanigans. Most importantly, she bakes phenomenal sweets. Sara Ingle. She has strawberry blond hair, petite, about yea high. – Jake We both enjoy hobbies that allow us to express our creative side and often help each other with our crafts—whether that be her helping me in the wood shop or me helping her lay out a quilt. We also love animals! We are living the frugal life now so we’ve limited ourselves to our German Shepherd named Rue, our sassy black cat named Night fury, and three chickens. But one day we expect to expand to a weirdly large amount of pets and livestock. And when we can find the time, we love to escape to the mountains to go skiing and snowboarding. THE WEDDING: We are easygoing people. Our whole goal was just to have all our family there and have a fun time. Sara loves the winter and our local church decorates the church gorgeously for Christmas—imagine a shimmering white church with huge stain glass windows with the addition of wreaths hung from the ceiling and garland draped next to the pews! For the reception we just wanted something that would fit our large family and provide plenty of room for dancing. Our wedding was even better then we imagined! The church was decorated beautifully and our family and friends filled the pews to the brim. The reception looked great and was too much fun! The DJ and servers claimed it was the best wedding they’d ever seen and everyone danced the night away! The venue was downtown and a regular for events, but somehow, we managed to get the cops to come out twice with noise complaints! (We consider that a compliment!) We were engaged for about eighteen months. It was nice being able to slowly get things done especially since we DIYed a lot of the wedding. But toward the end we were both ready to get married. It was important that our wedding include our families – they are our support and we could not have gotten where we have in our lives without them.

An advice we would give to a bride planning a wedding? Enjoy the process but don’t let it rule your life. Stop when things get stressful and know when to let details go. The entire time, I told everyone that as long as Jake and I made it to the church, everything else would be just fine.



CEREMONY VENUE St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

RECEPTION VENUE The Hall at the Railhouse

CATERER Abbey Road Catering

FLORIST Lone Star Bloom Weddings

HAIR STYLIST Mackenzie and Jayna with Lollie’s Beauty Bar

OFFICIANT Father Danny Grover

BAKERY Jake’s Grandma Brown and Sara’s Aunt Patti

DJ/BAND M&M Productions

WEDDING DRESS The Bridal Boutique of Norman

TUXEDO (Suits) Men’s Warehouse, Joe Custom Suits

JEWELRY Ken & Dana Design (

Gifts for our Mothers – Swell Forever Blankets
Gifts for our Fathers – Black Beard Shop

Bridesmaid gifts – Kendra Scott

Groomsmen gifts – Rockcow Leather Studio –

The Tie Bar