Cody and Rachel & Cody – a Love Story from Washington

We are high school sweethearts. We found each other in Web Design class and have been inseparable ever since.When we first started dating, we both had health issues so earlyon we learned how to take care of each other. We’ve been through a lot of hard times but together, we made through it. We are each other’s best friend and love each other unconditionally. We started dating Wednesday, October 26, 2011 and got married on our 5-year anniversary, Wednesday, October 26 2016.

wedding-seattle-1-of-192 wedding-seattle-2-of-192 wedding-seattle-3-of-192 wedding-seattle-4-of-192 wedding-seattle-5-of-192 wedding-seattle-6-of-192 wedding-seattle-7-of-192wedding-seattle-8-of-192 wedding-seattle-10-of-192 "I think that Rachel is cute, quirky, clumsy and one of a kind. She’s loving, intelligent, and 100% genuine. She’s the type of person that will always be there, no matter what. She has so much ambition in what she does that nothing can stop her. She’s also not the typical girl, she even bowls better than the men!" Cody 

wedding-seattle-9-of-192 wedding-seattle-11-of-192 wedding-seattle-12-of-192 wedding-seattle-13-of-192 wedding-seattle-14-of-192 wedding-seattle-15-of-192 wedding-seattle-16-of-192 "Cody is witty, handsome and caring. The first thing I noticed about him was his cute smile. I love everything about him including his corny jokes. He’s the most thoughtful person I’ve ever known and he truly cares about my feelings." Rachel

wedding-seattle-17-of-192 wedding-seattle-21-of-192 The Proposal:

A few days before we got engaged, I sprained my ankle so Cody was driving me to and from work. After picking me up from work, he tells me we are going out to our favorite restaurant for dinner. The restaurant is next to a gorgeous waterfall. After dinner, he walked and I hobbled over to the falls and then he popped the question.

wedding-seattle-22-of-192 wedding-seattle-23-of-192 wedding-seattle-24-of-192 wedding-seattle-25-of-192 The Wedding:

Planning the wedding was fun but stressful. I had a good 10 months to figure everything out. Our dream wedding was something intimate. We wanted a beautiful venue filled with our closest friends and family. Our actual wedding was exactly what we wanted. We found a great venue and everyone that mattered to us showed up. There were some hiccups that we didn’t expect but those small bumps will become great memories. I would advise couples to start planning early, have someone help you coordinate the day of, and hire Rocker in Love.

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