BASE_gallery-Recovered-RecoveredAutunm & Christopher – a Love Story from South Carolina

We love going to live music, museums, vacations with our two boys and impromptu dance parties. We have been together for 6 years now. We met working at an ocean front restaurant Conch Cafe in Garden City, SC. Autumn had been working there for a while already and Chris started after her. We love each others sense of humor, and that we're both huge nerds! We enjoy traveling and love talking about science and philosophy. We're also both artists by profession and hobby.

rocker_in_love-11 rocker_in_love-1 rocker_in_love-2 rocker_in_love-4 rocker_in_love-5 rocker_in_love-6 rocker_in_love-7 rocker_in_love-8rocker_in_love-10 rocker_in_love-15 rocker_in_love-17 rocker_in_love-18 Blown away by his skill and intelligence with all things that boggle my mind technologically related. He can just stand next to computers and they behave I can talk to him all day about every subject under the sun He's extremely level headed and knows exactly what to say in all the right and wrong situations.

rocker_in_love-19 rocker_in_love-20 rocker_in_love-21 rocker_in_love-22 rocker_in_love-23 Autumn is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous woman with a brain. A great mom and such a thrifty crafty independent woman. I love her because she has herself together and makes everything in my life better with her. We are an excellent mish-mash of strength and weakness.

rocker_in_love-24rocker_in_love-26 rocker_in_love-27 rocker_in_love-28 rocker_in_love-29rocker_in_love-31 rocker_in_love-32rocker_in_love-33 rocker_in_love-12 rocker_in_love-14 rocker_in_love-13 rocker_in_love-35 rocker_in_love-37 rocker_in_love-38 rocker_in_love-40 rocker_in_love-41 copyrocker_in_love-44 rocker_in_love-45 rocker_in_love-34 rocker_in_love-47 rocker_in_love-48 rocker_in_love-49 rocker_in_love-50 rocker_in_love-51 rocker_in_love-52 THE PROPOSAL: We flew out to Europe for a "business trip" and found ourselves in the beautiful city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. After a night of strolling the city, we found ourselves talking for hours overlooking the canals when finally Chris mumbled about "having something in his pocket the entire trip". Autumn jumped up and down screaming while the rest of the city wished we'd be quiet at 3am. After finally getting down on one knee and somehow stringing together the sentence needed, Autumn said "Yes!" (even though technically she had already been screaming yes many many times already)

rocker_in_love-53 rocker_in_love-54rocker_in_love-56 rocker_in_love-57 rocker_in_love-58 rocker_in_love-59rocker_in_love-61 rocker_in_love-62 rocker_in_love-63 THE WEDDING: My wish was to be married under a grand southern oak tree or in an abandoned building surrounded by friends and family! This venue accomplished that perfectly. Our family and friends were extremely helpful. They made it all possible by helping us to accomplish everything we needed allowing us to enjoy our special day. Since we already experieince the stress of a hurricane near our first wedding date, we were able to really enjoy our day this time around with much less stress! We had plenty of time to plan, over a year! We originally had the wedding planned for October 8th. Which just so happened to be the same day Hurricane Matthew planned to show up in South Carolina. Fortunately all of our wedding vendors we're extremely awesome and worked with us to reschedule. This meant we had everything ready to go and could relax a bit before the wedding.

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Rock Star Vendors

Venue – Kaminksi House – Georgetown, SC – (Kim Leatherwood)

Catering – Sliced Brick Oven Pizza (Trey Mason)

DJ – Huskey AMA Event Services – (Thomas Huskey)

Rental – Grand Rental Station Georgetown

Cake – Kelly D. Smith

Hand Made Flowers – NoxFawn – (The Bride) Too many friends and family to name!