Sophie & Tommy – A Love Story From Missouri

Sophie is from Paris, France and Tommy is from St. Louis, Missouri. They are both living in Australia now and for such a cosmopolitan couple having 2 weddings, one in Paris and one in St.Louis, makes sense… And how fun!!! We've been together for 5 years. We met in Paris, France while Tommy was living there playing football and Sophie was in architecture school. It was in a very tiny bar in the Latin Quarter which was managed by one of Tommy's football friends who was also a mutual friend of one of Sophie's work colleagues.

THE PROPOSAL: We were living in New Zealand and there is an awesome 13 mile hike through the mountains on the center of the north island called the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This was where the Mordor scenes in the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed. There are a series of 3 little lakes called the emerald lakes, which are a crazy brilliant blue/green color. Tommy proposed on the rocks next to the bottom lake. Sophie said yes and then we had to walk 7 more miles to finish the hike.


"Sophie is beautiful, extremely smart, funny and a very stubborn person, much like me. She loves to do anything active and never wants to stay at home. She picks most of the destinations we travel to and a lot of the things we do. She is very French which is funny for me because when she gets angry she loses her English and yells in French which makes me laugh and generally ends any argument. She fits me perfectly.". Tommy "Tommy is THE perfect man. He is smart and good with kids since he's a teacher. Everyday he makes me laugh, calms me down, and he is always by my side. He proves this to me everyday. I am so happy he is my husband now. I love traveling the world with him and going on crazy adventures. He is the best partner for this and I know we will never stop doing this – this is what I want to teach our kids in the future." – Sophie

THE WEDDING: Our weddings were amazing. We have actually done 2 weddings, one in Paris and another in St. Louis. Both of them were great and completely different which was amazing. Since we live in Australia it was important to have all of our families there and have a great time and we accomplished all of that. Our weddings lived up to what we had planned if not more. Since we planned from Australia the first time we got to really see or taste anything was on the wedding night. So it was a surprise for us the entire night which was fun.

Well planning was difficult because of how far away we live from St. Louis. The time difference was a real obstacle as well as having to go through intermediaries, my mom and grandma, but everything turned out perfect. The most important part for us was getting to be around our families. We don't get to go home very often so seeing them was our main priority. We wanted a beautiful venue and a lot of fun with our families and we had both of those in spades.

An advice we would give to a bride planning a wedding?

If possible try and not plan a wedding in the US from Australia lol. Really just communicate and try and stay organized. There are so many moving parts writing everything down was really important.