It's not only about the rock n’ roll music… it could be samba, drum n’ bass, salsa, soul, or rap. It’s about a rock n'roll attitude, positive energy, confidence and fun!

The wedding industry is full of must do's & should haves… before you realize it, there you are in your wedding photos and video with nothing personal in them.

This rock'n attitude (with glam if you wish!) is quite important to indentify yourself in all the little sweet and special details, so you can feel comfortable and welcome your loved ones to celebrate.

If you agree with us that cupcakes are not all the same, a wedding dress is much more then a white dress, and that decorations are not only about flowers then welcome to our world and have fun.

We are Brazilian and we love the fun and alive concept! Don’t expect obvious poses, colors, typical scenery or stale compositions. We search for natural real beauty so our art is as multi-emotional as love can be. 

DANI CORREA                                                               OTTO FAVORETO                                              GRASI FAVORETO