The production of a second edition celebrating love across the US started.

YAY – a collection of inspirational books with wedding images and all the diversity of union celebrations.

Our labor of love.

We are immerse in love. Daily.

When the news show a world so full of hate, terror and violence we take as our life project, our life propose to absorb all the love we see in our full time job and spread that positive inspiring feeling of in love people.

Feelings are contagious.

Let it be love.

We are a family of photographers living our dream.

Full time wedding photographers for almost 15 years, we made a gigantic move 3 years ago.

We transitioned from a established local high end photography business to adventure across the US. Full time traveling, and capturing the amazing variety of love stories all around.

We are passionate by the truest moments, emotions and personalities, and focusing on the experience.

The deepest knowledge of a wedding day with all the varieties and unpredictable situations.

We embrace them all and starve for the fine best.

The goal is to create images that will always bring back the feeling you felt that day.

It's beyond tools and knowledge.

It's beyond modern cameras and technique.

It's about you.

Your personality.

Your feelings.

Your love story.

Your experience.

Let's do this! Let it be love.

Two and a Half wedding photographers (Grasi Favoreto + Dani Correa + 11 years old OTTO)

– Full wedding coverage (up to 10 hrs)
– All the images edited
– Amazing Fine Album (10×14" or 12×12" or 15×11") – See ALBUM
– Rights to print and share
– A Love Session (one day before or after the wedding)

* We have intentionally set our prices low, so that small and large wedding budgets could have the equal opportunity to be a part of our Book.

Just send a hello to contact@rockerinlove.com

This is not a contest for the most unique or fabulous wedding. 

We will select by available dates and a couple that has a sweet love story to share.