wedding-dayOlivia & Chris – a Love Story from California

It has been 3 happy years after we met on the beach. Chris is a chef and we like eating! We like going to all the hottest restaurants, playing with our dog Taco, and watching movies.

rocker_in_love_11-5-of-62 los-angeles-wedding-1-of-6 los-angeles-wedding-2-of-6rocker_in_love_11-12-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-13-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-14-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-8-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-9-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-11-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-15-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-16-of-62 "Olivia is my rock, but not just any rock. Olivia is the most precious and most beautiful rock of them all, a diamond. What makes a diamond? Pressure does. Olivia is one of the most caring daughters, she cares and loves our son Taco with all her heart, has an incredible and demanding job where she is relied on by many, she is one of the most talented people I know and top it all off she deals with the biggest kid of them all, her husband! Under all this pressure most will crumble, but not my diamond, not my Olivia. a diamond is one the most strongest things in this universe and one of the most beautiful thing as well. Shine a light into a diamond and it will illuminate beautiful colors and light. Just like my olivia. This is why I love Olivia. She is my diamond in the ruff." Chris

rocker_in_love_11-36-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-37-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-38-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-39-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-40-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-41-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-42-of-62rocker_in_love_11-45-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-46-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-47-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-56-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-57-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-58-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-59-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-60-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-61-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-62-of-62rocker_in_love_11-17-of-62 "I love that Chris is not shy, because I am. He's passionate about his work. He is a leader in his field with big dreams. I love that he is creative, just like me. He's crazy charming. He always makes me laugh with his witty jokes. And he is an amazing cook!He is my rock and my hero!" Olivia

rocker_in_love_11-18-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-19-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-20-of-62rocker_in_love_11-24-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-22-of-62rocker_in_love_11-25-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-26-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-27-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-28-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-29-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-31-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-30-of-62rocker_in_love_11-33-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-34-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-35-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-32-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-48-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-49-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-50-of-62 THE PROPOSAL

It was a surprise proposal on my birthday on top of a helipad in downtown L.A. Chris gathered all of our closest friends for the big surprise, and soon after he surprised me again with an engagement/birthday party at Faith & Flower restaurant. It was the happiest day of my life!

rocker_in_love_11-1-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-3-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-2-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-53-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-52-of-62 rocker_in_love_11-54-of-62 los-angeles-wedding-2-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-3-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-3-of-6-2 THE WEDDING

The important thing is celebrating our union of marriage surrounded by close friends and family we love. But dream wedding? Glamorous! A lot of gold and sparkle with a touch of black. I had the entire wedding planned around my wedding dress, which I sketched and designed myself. And our wedding was just as I had imagined. It was a dream come true! Luxe and glam with tons of gold and sparkle. It was like a fairytale wedding, and truly a dream come true when I got to wear the one-of-a-kind wedding dress I designed myself. The ceremony looked like a European style ballroom with ornate gold wall trimmings and enormous sparkly chandeliers. All the decorative details were perfectly executed. Our wedding was planned in 8 months. It was a fun and enjoyable experience working with my wedding planner Jason Rhee. He is extremely talented and an expert in his field. He's very organized, and super sweet!los-angeles-wedding-5-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-6-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-7-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-8-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-9-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-10-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-4-of-6-2 los-angeles-wedding-5-of-6 los-angeles-wedding-6-of-6-2 los-angeles-wedding-11-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-12-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-13-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-14-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-15-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-16-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-17-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-18-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-19-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-20-of-131los-angeles-wedding-21-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-22-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-23-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-24-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-25-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-26-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-27-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-29-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-30-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-31-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-32-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-33-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-34-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-35-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-36-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-37-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-38-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-43-of-131los-angeles-wedding-28-of-131los-angeles-wedding-45-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-46-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-47-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-48-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-49-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-50-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-51-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-52-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-53-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-54-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-55-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-56-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-57-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-58-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-59-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-60-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-61-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-62-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-63-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-65-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-66-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-67-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-68-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-69-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-70-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-71-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-72-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-73-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-74-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-75-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-76-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-77-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-78-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-79-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-80-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-81-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-82-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-83-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-84-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-85-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-86-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-87-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-88-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-89-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-101-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-102-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-103-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-104-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-109-of-131los-angeles-wedding-105-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-106-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-107-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-108-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-89-of-131los-angeles-wedding-130-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-131-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-109-of-131 los-angeles-wedding-100-of-131

An advice we would give to a bride planning a wedding? Hire an awesome wedding planner! I work a lot so having a wedding planner made my planning process stress free and more enjoyable because I spent more time being creative.

Venue: The Alexandria Ballrooms

Wedding Director: Rheefined Company – Jason Rhee

DJ: Mister Rocks Music

Catering: Ardour Hospitality

Cake & Dessert: TK Sweetness

Florist: Designer Dana

Rentals: Town and Country Event Rentals

Hair and Make Up: Hills Beauty Club

Videographer: Full Orbit Wedding Films