Jasmine & Eric – A Love Story From Arizona

LOVE STORY: We met in Zambia, Africa where we were both serving in the Peace Corps at the time. Jasmine had just begun her journey in Zambia and had been there for three months when she walked through the gates of the Peace Corps meeting house. Jasmine saw Eric and his friends celebrating his birthday over a 5-gallon bucket of gritty locally made beer at 2 in the afternoon. Eric offered Jasmine a celebratory birthday drink and the rest is history. Eric swears it was love at first sight. We braved a four hour drive through dirt roads to see each other every other weekend while we were in Zambia. Eric went to back to America while Jasmine was still in Zambia and braved another long-distance battle for eight months. There was never a question, they were always going to be together.


Eric is the best cook. He makes everything taste good and He will always try something once, which always makes for a good adventure. Eric knows when I'm getting hangry, so he would always carry some sort of snack around for me. He is always the best dresser. He's a great leader and an even better friend. He's the love of my life and my adventure buddy. He's everyone's best friend and confidant and the life of the party. He's the best-dressed guy in the room with a strong presence and by far my most favorite person in the whole world" – Jasmine

"Jasmine always makes people laugh and also thinks she's the funniest person around and with that comes the brightest smile. Jasmine is very driven and always knows what she wants. She's one of the most focused people I know. She knows how to cheer me up. She knows how to make me happy and she is by far the best travel buddy anyone could ask for. She's a babe. She laughs easily and is fun to be around. I can tell her anything I need to and she makes me stronger and a better person. She loves her family and friends. She always does what's right, even if its the hard thing to do. She's the girl I always want to fall asleep next to and wake up next to." – Eric

THE PROPOSAL: Eric's birthday seems to be a significant marker in their relationship. As he was turning 28, Jasmine was focused on preparing the perfect day. She even coordinated with his mom to have a Hawaiian Rainbow cake hiding in the fridge, which is his favorite type of cake and not easy to find. All she knew he wanted for his birthday was her whole family to be there at Peixoto Coffee Shop that morning. After coercing all of Jasmine's family to come out for a cup of coffee in an overly crowded coffee shop, Jasmine knew she had made Eric a happy camper, all with the big cake surprise to come. However, her big birthday surprise was thwarted by an even bigger surprise. Eric had been arranging music, flowers, photographers, an audience and all the employees for what would be the best day of his life. He worked his way to the register to order a cappuccino and the volume increased to Etta James' At Last as he turned toward Jasmine. Caffeine wasn't the only thing making his hands shake as he walked toward Jasmine who had heard the song they sang for each other every weekend in the hut years ago. As the few people who knew what was happening raised their cameras, Eric dropped to one knee in front of the love of his life and what turned out to be an entire restaurant of people. After stumbling over some words and nervously laughing at his own terrible joke Jasmine said yes!


THE WEDDING: I knew I wanted it to be a party and for people to be relaxed and have fun. I wanted lots of dancing and for memories to be made. I didn't care too much about colors or location when I would dream about it but what ended up happening was way better than I had ever imagined. It was seriously perfect. We had our wedding in Sedona which is just a beautiful location with amazing red rock as the backdrop. Our colors were gold, sage green, and blush which complimented the scenery well. My father walked me down the aisle and my parent's looked better than most of the wedding party. My wedding dress fit like a glove too. I had all of our best friends standing by our side and it was definitely a party! All of our friends and family made it and we danced the night away, with a few shots of tequila to help us along. Our decorations were travel and Zambia themed which fit perfectly. We had Mexican food which is our favorite type and everyone said they had a blast at the wedding. Planning was a bit stressful at times just because we had so many people giving us their opinions. I did a lot of stuff DIY so it took up a lot of time, but I had fun putting everything together. We made all the signs, coffee favors and more. My mother baked all the cookies for the wedding and Eric and I built cornhole for some reception entertainment. Eric and I had said we only needed three things to have a good wedding and that in the end, nothing else would matter. The three things are: an open bar, dancing, and getting married to each other. It helps relax when something doesn't go as planned because you know what really matters.



We love to travel together and try new things. We are always down to try something different or do something crazy. We love everything about coffee and have all the different ways to make coffee (we got engaged in a coffee shop). We both love learning and are always challenging each other so we listen to podcasts, watch documentaries, and read to get a good discussion going. We enjoy exercising together and trying new recipes/cooking together. We also love to shop till we drop.

An advice we would give to a couple planning their wedding? I had this fear that I would be bridezilla. But really it's important to tell people and your vendors what you want out the wedding day. You can be relaxed and have fun but don't let that go too far for fear of being labeled bridezilla. Brides are allowed to want certain things after spending hours planning, doing research on how to make the day happen, and investing hours into it. At the same time, on the day of…LET IT GO and just have fun.




INVITATIONS/ printing vendor – we created our own through Vista Print

CEREMONY VENUE – Poco Diablo Resort www.pocodiablo.com

RECEPTION VENUE – Poco Diablo Resort www.pocodiablo.com/

CATERER – Poco Diablo Resort www.pocodiablo.com/

RANTALS – none

PLANNER – Dionne Events and Planning  www.dionneeventproductions.com/

VIDEOGRAPHER – Jesse Liberato www.facebook.com/jesse.liberatogoes

STATIONARY DESIGN – none (myself)

FLORIST – Dionne Events and Planning  www.dionneeventproductions.com/

HAIR STYLIST – friend (Tandis Pourbastani)

MAKE UP ARTIST – Cassandra Barrios

OFFICIANT – Judy Hildebrand from Unity of Mesa www.unityofmesa.org/our-ministers–luts.html

BAKERY – my mother baked all the cookies

DJ/BAND – Apollo Entertainment www.apolloproductionsdj.com

LIGHTING – Apollo Entertainment www.apolloproductionsdj.com

OTHER ENTERTAINMENT – Photobooth from Flagstaff Photobooth Company www.flagstaffphotobooth.com/

WEDDING DRESS – Suzanne's Bridal Boutique. The dress is Shayna by Ktty Chen www.suzannesbridalboutique.com/

TUXEDO – Vera Wang rented from Jos A Bank www.josbank.com/

JEWELRY – handmade by Eric and his mother, Terri. They made all of the necklaces for the bride and bridesmaids.

FAVORS/ GIFTS – from Peixoto coffee, put together by ourselves. peixotocoffee.com