cinemagraphs_rocker_in_love Ann & Greg – a Love Story from Indiana

Greg moved to Park City, Utah in November of 2013. Two weeks after he arrived, we met at a Halloween party. I was a giraffe. He was the new guy in town. My dear friend, with whom he worked, was trying to set him up with my roommate. However, I found myself circling back to talk to him over and over. At the end of the night we found that our friends had abandoned us and we were the only two people standing at the bar, unaware of what was happening around us. Greg walked me home and gave me his jacket to keep me warm and we've been together for two and a half years now.

We love traveling; skiing; hiking. Talking about our future. Everything. And nothing.
rocker_in_love_2-1 rocker_in_love_2-5 rocker_in_love_2-8 rocker_in_love_2-9 rocker_in_love_2-10 rocker_in_love_2-11 rocker_in_love_2-13 rocker_in_love_2-12 rocker_in_love_2-15She is a midwesterner in the best sense of the word. She has a strong sense of family, courage of conviction, and provides unfailing love and support to those who are important in her life. She is as sharp and athletic as they come, but she'd never openly admit to either of those. She is caring and compassionate, always making time to help other people. I often feel that Ann knows me better than I know myself. She is my proof that when people say "you'll just know" about finding your soulmate, it's actually a true statement. In a nutshell, she is the perfect person for me and absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me." Greg

rocker_in_love_2-17 rocker_in_love_2-18 He is incredibly smart. And Motivated. And passionate. He loves his family and is the definition of loyal. He doesn't need much in terms of 'things', only a mattress and a comb. He challenges me. He protects me. He is able to tell me 'no' without making me mad. He is deep, and caring, and sentimental. (Ann)

rocker_in_love_2-19 rocker_in_love_2-20 rocker_in_love_2-21 rocker_in_love_2-22 rocker_in_love_2-23 rocker_in_love_2-24 rocker_in_love_2-25THE PROPOSAL:

A total surprise. It was early October. We were planning to see my family in December, so I assumed that, as tradition goes, Greg would talk to my dad at that point. I thought we were going out to dinner. I was running around looking for something, a common phenomenon, when Greg calmly said 'how about you just sit down?' I was really confused, and thought he must have picked up take-out. He then presented our favorite dessert from our favorite restaurant in town. I'm always saying we should order dessert first, and this was the reason he gave for its presence. It's not unlike him to do those types of things from time to time, so I thought it was really sweet. He said it was a 'big deal' and that it was 'about to get bigger'. I was very excited because I thought we were going to an awesome place for dinner! Or that maybe he had a special meal waiting in the oven or something! I can't tell you exactly when I realized that I was the girl who didn't know her boyfriend was proposing…but I was totally that girl. We have had many important conversations at the dinner table (which is actually a patio set) and we make it a point to sit down to dinner together often. It's the place where he first told me he loved me, where we sit to discuss our dreams and goals, our plans for the future…it's our place. And that is why it's the place where he proposed. We will never get rid of that patio set!

rocker_in_love_2-26 rocker_in_love_2-27 rocker_in_love_2-28 rocker_in_love_2-29 rocker_in_love_2-30rocker_in_love_2-32 rocker_in_love_2-33rocker_in_love_2-35 rocker_in_love_2-36 rocker_in_love_2-37 rocker_in_love_2-38 rocker_in_love_2-39 THE WEDDING:

I was never the girl who dreamed of a huge wedding with lots of bridesmaids in matching pink 'everything'. (Not that there is anything wrong with that – it's just not for me). I suppose I wasn't clear on what my 'dream wedding' was until I could fill the image of the person I would marry. When Greg and I started talking about plans, my first input was that we should go away together to be married and celebrate with family and friends later. I imagined an intimate beach or a lake. It didn't take long to realize that even though the moment would be about our commitment to each other, we would want our families there to support us. When we started talking about our families and logistics, I realized my grandmother would likely not attend unless it was nearby. Since half of our guest list was comprised of my family in southern Indiana, it made sense to have our wedding there. I still didn't know what my dream wedding looked like…

rocker_in_love_2-40 rocker_in_love_2-41 rocker_in_love_2-42 rocker_in_love_2-43 rocker_in_love_2-44rocker_in_love_2-46Our wedding was unbelievable. Perfect. We planned to have our ceremony outside at my family farm and the reception (and our backup for weather) at a great historic building in town. It rained all day. Everyone was asking about the 'backup plan' for the ceremony. Around 11am I called Greg, already sad about the potential of our 'back up plan'. He had some concerns for people slipping, the mud, those kind of logical concerns. But we would see what the weather looked like later in the day. Our ceremony was planned for 5pm, and we decided we would make the judgement call about the location at 3pm. 3pm…it's still raining…I am on the verge of tears before I even pick up my phone. Greg: "Ok, what do you want to do?" Me: (5 seconds of silence. Deep breath.) "I want to do it the wa y we planned it. Even if it's just us…but what do you want? Greg: "I know. That's what I want too. Pedro came to my room earlier and asked if I wanted him to get umbrellas. So we're going to go get 40 umbrellas and we will be there soon. I love you." When I hung up, (bridesmaid) Andrea was the first person to see me and ask what was going on (I was crying, remember). I replied with "Is it good or bad that on the day of our wedding I am still saying 'he amazes me and surprises me when I least expect it'?" My dad put on his rain gear, loaded up a tractor trailer with bales of straw and blankets, and got everyone up to the lake without having to walk through (too much) mud. Our families and friends scrambled to make things happen a bit differently than we expected. By the time I arrived at the lake, it had stopped raining. When we had our first kiss, we felt a few sprinkles of rain. We didn't care. We wouldn't have cared about a downpour. We were so happy! It was so much better than I could have imagined.

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Rock Vendors:

Wedding Coordinator: Bree Swartz.

Dessert: Don and Sara Prusz (Bride’s Aunt and Uncle)

Dress(es)/Suit(s): Maggie Sottero; Hugo Boss

Florist: Erin’s Events (Erin Rust)

DJ/Band: Randy Allen of DJ Party Tunes.

Makeup/Hair: Atomic Bombshell Beauty Parlor.

Caterer: Bauerhaus

Photographers: Rocker in Love /