Rachel and John – A Love Story From New Mexico

We have been together for eight years! We met in elementary schoocl in the third grade, and John swears to this day that someone told him that Rachel liked him (but she denies it every time). However, we didn’t really become best friends until our junior year of high school. Ironically we became friends through two mutual friends who were very different from us and it just so happened that we hit it off perfectly. From that point on we were best friends until John decided to kiss Rachel around four months after we graduated high school. At which point we were best friend who were going to spend the rest of our lives with each other. We love going on hikes together, going to our local art market trying out new restaurants. But one of the things we love the most is ordering junk food and watching a movie on a couch.

I love her sense of humor and her willingness to completely be herself around me. Her love for her family and those who are closest to her. Her relationship with God and her willingness to sacrifice her time for others. Her ability to make me laugh just by making a face at me. Her inability to control her laughter when I make a fool of myself. Her eyes, that show every emotion she is feeling even when she tries to hold it in. But above all else, I love that when we are together nothing else matters, no stress, no worry, just joy. Things you like doing together. My bride is unlike anyone you have ever met. She is energetic yet mellow tempered. She is reserved, but she wears her emotions on her sleeve. She is the kind of girl that cries when something is too cute to handle, but then watches surgeries as a leisure activity. She is the girl that you get gifts for because her reaction reminds you of what pure joy and gratitude feels like. She is the girl that remembers your birthday, your best friend’s birthday, and the birthdays of your six pets. She is the girl that throws you a big birthday party, but just wants to go to dinner for hers. She is completely selfless, non-judgmental, and more encouraging than anyone else you ever met. She is very much the epitome of love and all the possible feelings that come with it.

THE PROPOSAL (Johns side) The proposal was one of the most exciting moments in my life. We had gone on a family trip to London, Scotland, and Amsterdam and I had purchased the ring just a few months before. I always knew I wanted to propose in Europe but I didn’t quite know how. I was coming up with all sorts of proposal ideas from the tulip covered flower market in Amsterdam (that was her favorite flower) to proposing on the flight over. I remember telling my dad that I was going to propose and he was giving me all sorts of ideas, but at the end he said to me “just don’t overthink it and try and make it perfect or you will never do it.” So with that statement in my head, we went off to London and immediately decided the plane idea wasn’t going to happen. From the moment we arrived in London I kept the ring in my pocket just in case the perfect time arose. However, I remember her 3 requests; make sure her nails are done, she looks beautiful, and I ask her Dad's permission (which I already had received). So I waited until one night, we were going on a semi-formal river boat dinner tour on the Thames River. As soon as we got on that boat I knew this was it. There was the lights along the river, good food, and most importantly a live band. I remember barely being able to eat, because was so nervous about everything going right. But I waited until she walked off the the restroom and I walked up to the singer and handed her a note saying “can I use your mic to propose to my fiancé” which she responded to with a very excited head nod. I then told each my father, stepmother and brother to start recording and taking pictures when I asked Rachel up to dance. As soon as she got back, I asked her to dance. We went to the floor, the singer gave me the mic, I got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me! Everyone then clapped and we danced away to Can’t Take my Eyes off of You by Frankie Valli I love that John can make a room light up. Everyone he talks to loves him as soon as they meet him. He loves taking adventures and trying to experience life to it’s fullest! He’s also an amazing cook! Anything he makes will make your mouth water! John, is a man that you will never crossed paths with ever in another person, his wild personality is unique to say the least. He is one of the most generous human beings you will ever meet. Instantly making jokes to make you happy, asking about who you are and what you love doing, always thinking about how he can make YOUR life better. He is always caring and selfless. He is one of the funnest people you will ever meet because his jokes and humor will make you laugh over and over even when the joke has long passed. He is everything I have hoped and prayed for. He is literally my soul mate, God made him specifically for me. THE WEDDING: Our dream wedding was very close to our real wedding. We had always wanted a fall weather wedding. Fall is our favorite season, the colors, decorations, the bright warm sun during the day and the cool breeze at night is perfect! We also just wanted all of our close friends and family with us. We didn’t want the huge wedding full of the friends that we have to invite just to be nice. Our wedding was everything we had hoped for! The weather was perfect, the guests were amazing, and the scenery was literally like we were in a dream! We had a little over a year to plan, and I think that was enough! Of course time goes by so fast so more time would have been fine but we kept up on appointments and timelines so a year of planning was perfect for us. One of the most important things on a wedding for us was the pictures and the reception dance. Pictures are the only thing you really have to look back and actually see what that day was like because it goes by so fast! And the Dance is a time that you can actually spend with all your guests and just let loose and have fun!

An advice we would give to a bride planning a wedding? The best advice I can give would be to breath and loosen your grip on things. Not everything will go as you plan it’s sadly inevitable that something will not look or come out as you wished. The whole day goes by in a blink of an eye and all those months of planning are gone and feel like they never even happened. So stop breath and soak it all up!


INVITATIONS – Vista Print www.vistaprint.com
CEREMONY VENUE –  Hyatt Tamaya Resort and Spa www.hyatt.com/
RECEPTION VENUE –  Hyatt Tamaya Resort and Spa
CATERER –  Hyatt Tamaya Resort and Spa
PLANNER –  Didnt have a wedding planner but the Event planner at Tamaya was pretty much it. Shanna Akin
FLORIST –  Steven Hong-Elder  www.hongelderfloral.com/
HAIR STYLIST –  Hyatt Tamaya Resort and Spa 
MAKE UP ARTIST –  Hyatt Tamaya Resort and Spa
OFFICIANT –  Alex Arredondo
BAKERY –  A Spoonful of Sugar  www.asoscustomcakes.com
DJ/BAND –  Complete Weddings and Events www. completeweddingalbuquerque.com
LIGHTING –  Hyatt Tamaya Resort and Spa
OTHER ENTERTAINMENT –  Photo Booth – Complete Weddings and Events  completeweddingalbuquerque.com
WEDDING DRESS –  Ella Blu in El Paso, TX www. ellabluboutique.com
JEWELRY –  Amazon / JC Penny