Alexis & Ryan – A Love Story From Wyoming

Alexis born in California moved to Jackson, where she grew up, when she was 7. Ryan originally from Pennsylvania moved to Jackson 7 years ago. We met when Ryan moved to Jackson. Both of us were subbing for a softball team and met on the field. We became friends as fate would have it we started dating 3 years later, after traveling to a softball tournament together. We are the same person, which makes things difficult sometimes, but is why we work so well. Trusting and understanding things makes us best friends as well as husband and wife.

Ryan is my best friend. He knows me better than I know myself. He is my support system. We have both grown as a couple and as individual people since we have been together. I know my growth has been for the better and because of him. He makes me want to be the best version of myself. I love him and am proud of the person he continues to be every day.

Alexis my best friend. She understands me, she knows what I am capable of and knows my limitations better than anyone. I respect her and love because she is the only person I have ever met that I consider stronger than I am.

THE PROPOSAL: It was not ideal, but it was true to who I am. Ryan is the type of person that can't keep secrets because he gets too excited. He had an elaborate proposal planned but after having the ring for less than 24 hours couldn't contain his excitement and proposed as we were going to sleep. It may not have gone as planned but it was special because it very much is true to him and his personality.

THE WEDDING: In our minds, we pictured something completely different than how it went on the day. The ranch was gorgeous but the weather was not in our favor. Everything that went wrong did go wrong and then things that weren't supposed to go wrong did. I think that “nightmare wedding” would be a better way to describe it. The only thing that we gained from our wedding was a stronger relationship with each other… so looking at it that way, I guess it was a dream wedding. Coming out on the other side, in debt, frustrated with friends and family and stressed about the future has made our bond even stronger than it was before that weekend because "us" as a couple can deal with anything that comes our way. Planning can only go so far… life is full of surprises. In our minds, we pictured something completely different than how it actually played out. Our wedding was not as planned. It was enjoyable for everyone that attended but extremely stressful for us, that's an understatement for sure. We wanted this, but given the chance to do it over, we would have saved the time and money we spent and did something simple. That being said, it has brought us together more than we have been. It has shown us that if we put our minds and efforts together, we are capable of anything. At the end of it all, I guess I wouldn't change it for the world.

An advice we would give to a bride planning a wedding? Understand that in the end, people will make it about themselves. You hope that won't happen but it is more for your guests than you and your groom. Knowing that, give everything you can, but enjoy the person you are doing that with. Seeing the end result for everyone else means nothing, the person you devote your life to is the only thing you should concern yourself with because that is the most honest and true thing you will ever experience. You may not see eye to eye on everything, but that is what makes you your own person. The way you adapt to their life wants and needs is what makes you a partner and “team”. In the end, it’s you and them against the world. Family is family, but you chose that person to attack the rest of your life with… that is special.

Rock Star Wedding Vendors

Invitations: Minted

Ceremony Venue: Split Creek Ranch

Reception Venue: Split Creek Ranch

 Caterer: Big Hole BBQ

Rentals: Canvas Unlimited

Planner: Hitched JH- Lisa Mack

Stationary Design: Etsy- Bliss Paper

Boutique Florist: Jaye Infanger

Hair Stylist for Bride: Shannon Rogers

Hair Stylist for Bridesmaids and Flower Girls: Raquel Tapia and Courtney Mills

Makeup artist for Bride: Shannon Rogers

Officiant: Lisa Mack

Cake: Lizzie Heineken

DJ: Al Hunter

Wedding Dress: Chantel Lauren

Suit: Joesph Abboud

Jewelry: Thoenig's Fine Jewlery and Kay Jewelers

Favors / Gifts: Etsy