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The year 2020 has been a great teacher. If there is one thing 2020 thought us is how life can change any minute and in some situations, there’s nothing we can do but be prepared. BE PREPARED AND SAVE. Save financially, save time, and save sanity.

Now we know, nothing’s ever guaranteed. Even when you start planning a year or more in advance, it’s hard to know what could come your way when your wedding day finally arrives. Besides COVID messing with most wedding plans in 2020, we also saw hurricanes in Florida, and forest fires on the west coast. So now the wedding photographers, as well as the couples both, know that those ‘Force Majeure’ clauses in the contracts are there for a reason.

Tips to Consider During the Wedding Planning Process

Planning a wedding in itself is a little stressful, and when major events come up at a time you least expected them, things become more overwhelming. In such a situation you need to be prepared to protect yourself as you plan your wedding. How can you do so? Just follow the tips I have shared with you below.

1. Always Make Wedding Deposits With a Credit Card

Make deposits with a credit card and make sure you read all the fine print. Wedding planning experts recommend paying anything you can by credit card. This way there’s some protection for you when it’s time to get refunds in the event of a major disaster or other unforeseen circumstances.

2. Communicate With Managers

Rocker in Love suggests communicating directly with the managers because they often have the best answers for you. They would offer the best options available regarding any changes to a venue or other aspects of your wedding. Speak with your vendors about a worst-case scenario. It’s better to be prepared if you have to push things back and stay safe!

3. Purchase Wedding Insurance

Weddings are some of the biggest expenses we have in our lives. So it’s a good idea to look into wedding insurance to protect yourself and the investment you’re making. Depending on the cost of your wedding, insurance plans are generally very affordable. They cover costs like deposits or anything that was damaged in the case of a fire, major storm, or other unexpected events. To know more, read Everything You Need to Know About Special Events Insurance for Your Wedding.

To pick the best-suited wedding insurance for you, read The 7 Best Wedding Insurance Policies of 2020. Read each contract carefully to compare and decide what’s best for you.

Light Ahead

We hope our tips help you get through difficult times and you can celebrate your love stressfree. After all, it’s love that drives the world.

If you are planning an elopement in the coming times, read 3 Steps: How to Plan Your Elopement During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic. These tips will help you gain confidence and enjoy your togetherness. You can book us for your wedding photography, elopement photography, or even engagement photography.

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