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Here is a simple tip for drama free planning: 

At this exciting moment of life, amazingly everyone wants to give an opinion on your ideas for the wedding.
Make sure you surround yourself with people that you trust AND will really listening with a supportive “yes-men” attitude.
“I want to have a tea-and-cake glamorous reception in a museum beside dinosaurs skeletons, and on the next day, I want to have an adventure moment and exchange special vows inside a hot air balloon” and they will reply, “That is SO you! Let’s see how we can make this happen”

Have fun, embrace the planning, and remember: You do you!


Grasi + Dani + Otto e Luiz

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Rocker in Love

We are not a collective of associates or a team of photographers – we are a family of wedding and elopement photographers completely dedicated to providing the most beautiful images and experiences from your wedding or elopement.

We are outdoor enthusiasts and travelers living our best lives in our favorite places in the world. 16 years ago, we discovered in wedding photography a way to create beautiful, moving and meaningful art.

At the same time, it allows us to realize our love for adventure and connection with nature – all together as a family!

We have been traveling full time with our home on wheels, across all 50 states photographing love for over 8 years.

When the world stopped in 2020, we chose Northern California to call home and be our base because it holds such a special place in our hearts.

Now we can photograph couples like you on their most important day, in a place that fills our souls.

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