Texas Wedding


Lauren & Jared
A Love Story from Texas

We actually went to College together, both studying Civil Engineering. Jared knew who Lauren was, but Lauren had no idea who Jared was. After college we worked for the same Civil Engineering company in Ft Worth, where we got to know each other.

We had been dating since March of 2017, but had gotten to know each other since mid 2014.

We have similar fundamental beliefs, but we express and carry ourselves in different ways. It’s great that we always have the baseline, but the ways we go about our lives keeps us growing together. 

Lauren helps me see the world through her, I help her see the world through me. It helps both of us grow, and has helped created a strong team.

We share most of our hobbies. Travel seems to be at the top of our list, but we never plan it too far out. The trips are quite often decided on a whim.

Music has been one of Jared’s hobbies, but has become one of Lauren’s by proximity. Concerts are usually on the menu during any given month, and we’ve made a priority of learning to play music. 

It’s a good way we challenge each other. Lauren has been learning piano and Jared the guitar. 

Another funny one is our commitment to audiobooks – we quite often listen to the same audiobook while we work; makes for good conversation in the evenings.

Texas Wedding


“She’s always wanting to save the world. Often a caring and loving woman, cross those close to her and she’s a fiery guardian. She’d do just about anything for someone in need. She loves science and education, being an engineer herself. Mention the universe to her and be prepared to listen to her excited 15 minute rant about the Milky Way.”

Texas Wedding


“Jared is a notorious story teller and is always looking for the next joke. His endless bits continuously bring laughter into our relationship. He also has an enormous love for music. Over the past few years he has dove into the history of music and, more specifically, guitarists. Any time that a song comes on by someone he loves he immediately will jump into the story behind the music. His excitement when he gets going on this subject is tangible and contagious. It makes my heart so happy to hear what brings him joy. Jared is also an extremely determined person and when he puts his mind to something, he will get it done. He does not waver when people say, ‘you can’t do that’, he takes that as fuel to his fire and narrows in his concentration. He approaches situations with drive and determination. To him, life is a chess game, and he is one hell of player!”

The Proposal

The proposal itself was a fairly unplanned and spur of the moment type of event. Jared had been thinking about it, had already generated some wedding ideas. We took a walk one evening and Jared basically shared his thoughts with Lauren. It was one of those walks where you just discuss everything with the person you want to share your life with. After our walk, we were sitting on the balcony and Jared actually did get down on one knee (gotta keep it classic).

Texas Wedding

The Wedding

We didn’t have an idea for a dream wedding – as far as details go. We had general guidelines; make it easy, make it simple, keep it fun.
The wedding was quite honestly easy, simple, and a whole lot of fun. We rented a venue that could house all of our immediate family plus a few friends for a few days. It helped double the wedding as a vacation for all of the people closed to us. Then we had a big party on Saturday night. It was great.

The planning was a piece of cake. We’re a little odd compared to normal convention. If the traditional parts of a wedding didn’t make sense or jive with us, we just threw them out. We weren’t doing this wedding for anyone but ourselves.
The important part was to keep it simple and keep it fun. Only include the parts that matter. Toss out anything that seemed tedious, boring, or stressful.

Texas Wedding

Texas Wedding

An advice we would give to a bride planning a wedding?
My biggest advice would be to not overpack your day. I felt like we had taken so many of the ‘typical wedding’ activities out of the day, but the day still flew by. And hire awesome photographers (ahem Rocker-in-Love ahem) to capture the day so you can look at all the little moments you may have missed!

Texas Wedding

The Rock Star Vendors

INVITATIONS/ printing vendor – Debra Helmberger Photography https://www.helmbergerphotography.com/
CEREMONY VENUE – Sanders Hitch https://www.sandershitch.com/
RECEPTION VENUE – Sanders Hitch https://www.sandershitch.com/
CATERER – Bee’s BBQ (They’re so good we flew them down from Cincinnati.) / https://www.facebook.com/beesbarbecue/
BAKER – Christine Koepp
FLORIST – Sam Dunlop with Lone Star Bloom http://www.lsbco.com/
HAIR STYLIST – Taylor Tomlinson with Hair Boutique
MAKE UP ARTIST – Kaylee Anee with Hair Boutique
DJ/BAND – Shawn Waldrop with Boogieman DJ Service
WEDDING DRESS – Sarah’s Bridal Boutique
TUXEDO – Tom Jones

Texas Wedding

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