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We have known each other for a long time (teenage years) we both had friends in common 

and just like that fate stepped in. Two best friends that fell in love… That was in October 12 2010.

I like everything about her… Especially the way she is always enjoying life and treats me with love.

He always makes me smile . He truly is the one person that change any bad day I’m having to a great day.

We love snowboarding… Enjoying the snowy mountains with our two boxer dogs: Rocky and Zeus.
We love traveling around the world together and also working on our cars. Cody has a Shelby and I have a 77 corvette.

Ana is beautiful inside and outside.
Ana is someone that gives all to everyone and doesn’t expect anything back including loving our two dogs rocky and Zeus aka “the babies” (her words).
She welcomes everyone with a smile and kindness. When you met her you understand why she is loved.
My bride loves life and everyone in it.
I’m thankful to spend my life with her.

Cody is someone that has a heart of gold.
he can always make me laugh on any bad day. When I doubt myself he reassures me that it can work and I can do it. He supports me in anything I do in life. My biggest supporter.
When I think I’m at my worst he comes in and says I’m at My best.
He works amazingly hard to provide for us and to be able to enjoy the life of travel and adventure.
I’m so thankful for him. He makes me fall in love each day with him.
I’m so lucky!

It was feb 14 and we were in Alaska snowboarding some of the highest mountains of our life.
That night we enjoyed a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner at a beautiful restaurant on the mountains summit
Late after dinner we decided to go outside to admire the beautiful night sky of Alaska. As the northern lights started to appear Cody got in one knee and asked me “Baby, will you marry me?”
All I could tell him was “Are you serious?!!” After repeating that several times and grabbing his face hahah I said yes of course!

How was your dream wedding?
My wedding was everything I dreamed of.
We wanted friends and family and snow and guess what… We got it all and more!
It was perfect and we couldn’t have done this without our amazing wedding planner Elizabeth with Distinctive Mountains Events. She also made sure that I didn’t have any stress.

An advice I would give to a bride planning a wedding?
Enjoy the day! Don’t let any small things bother you! You have been planning for this day!
For our wedding our dogs were suppose to be in the wedding well we got our wish and it snowed heavy we couldn’t have our dogs outside in that so we had to leave them with the dog sitter things happen move on and enjoy the day!!

Also, dress may fade… the flowers may dye… but the memories, those are never ending. An important thing on a wedding for us was the photos and video!

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