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As artists we feel like Rock Stars when we get an award, or a compliment on our photography, but nothing makes us more proud than our five star reviews on our service.


More than taking amazing photos, it’s about being fully there, truly listening, cheering for you, 

putting you first, going beyond, and taking a greater step.

Testimonials make a big difference for small businesses like ours.
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groom and bride leaving the ceremony with rain of rice
Amy & Will



Dani, Grasi, and Otto are fabulous!! We were so lucky to share our day with them all. They are so talented and full of joy. They quickly became not only our photographers but also our friends.

Courtney & Chris



I can’t explain enough how grateful I am for Rocker In Love!

We’re awkward people but they made us so comfortable! We did our engagement shoot with them and knew we had something special. If you want to see the real moments of your most special day, they are IT.

We knew it was going to be candid photos which took a little stress off. I don’t think I was even thinking about how they would look because I knew how the engagement shoot looked and I knew no matter what it would be beautiful.

It was AMAZING. When you guys came in too I felt relieved (even though I was freaking out). I loved that there was a little direction but mostly just natural movements. The photos captured our personalities and who we are and I’m SO beyond grateful we found you. 

Gina & Andrew



We were fortunate enough to have Grasi and Dani take our engagement photographs, so we knew we would not be disappointed in the wedding photos. They were so much fun to work with and made us feel so comfortable during our engagement photos, that we knew we were going to love working with them again.

We cannot speak more highly of Dani and Grasi. They are kind, professional, energetic and take amazingly beautiful photographs.

They made us both feel so comfortable in front of the camera and helped make the day so stress free. You can genuinely tell that these two love their job and that makes all the difference when you are picking the right photographer to share in these intimate and special life moments with you.

We loved the energy Dani and Grasi brought to both the engagement photo shoot and the wedding day. When you are done working with them, you will not only feel like you just took the most beautiful photos, but that you also have two new friends. They are so incredibly sweet and professional. A picture is worth a thousand words, and their photographs speak volumes about their talent and passion.

Kayley & Juan

WEDDING IN california


 Grasi and Dani were absolutely everything we could have asked for in a photography team! And emphasis on team! Not only did we get one incredible photographer but two! After our engagement photos came out even more dreamy than I ever could have imagined, I knew they were a great fit. And they were even willing to hike with us to take our engagement photos! But most importantly I love how they communicated with us every step of the way, assuring we got every photo that we envisioned for our big day! And they definitely did not disappoint! We are so grateful to have found a photography team that helped us to relive our beautiful day for years to come!
We had a absolutely wonderful experience. We thank you both so much for all your hard work and for being so willing and accommodating especially with our last minute changes!

review rocker in love
Laura & Zaka

wedding in arkansas


We chose your family to photograph our wedding because we wanted to have a very non-traditional wedding and we needed some non-traditional wedding photographers to effectively capture that. We looked at a lot of wedding photos online and we were having a hard time differentiating one photographer’s work from another. We wanted someone who was original and we wanted artists. Your work stood out to us immediately. Your work goes beyond just “taking pretty pictures”. You have taken our wedding day and you have created little pieces of art out of it and we couldn’t possibly be happier with the result. Choosing you as photographers is the only decision we made throughout the entire process that we never questioned. We have a tremendous amount of admiration for what you all are doing and we can’t thank you enough for being such an integral part of our wedding. It was a true pleasure having you in Forrest City. Good luck in your travels and all that you do! With love, Laura & Zack

Heather & Zephyr



Having a great photographer was extremely important to both of us. We wanted to find someone who reflected our style, and captured our love for one another in a candid way. We stumbled across an article about the Tour, and decided to “apply”. We were a bit nervous, as we couldn’t meet Dani and Grasi in person, but they were SO lovely, and everything we could have asked for and more! They were very relaxed and laid back, and made us feel very comfortable. They embraced our families, and seemed really invested in how we were doing day of, not just about the photographs. They made everyone feel comfortable, which we think helped get the photos we wanted. They are kind and creative and a very lovely family, and we were sad to see them go!

Michelle & John

elopement in Yosemite


Danny and Grasi are absolutely wonderful! We’re both usually camera shy, but Danny and Grasi made it easier for us to open up. We love and admire everything that they do. They are easy going, attentive and very talented!  It’s difficult to find the right words to describe the amazing experience we had. Grasi and Danny made it easy and convenient for us, which made it easier to just enjoy each other and focus on what was important on our wedding day. We’re forever grateful for the priceless memories Rocker In Love has made for us.

Hannah & Austin

Joshua Tree WEDDING 


Dani and Grasi are the BEST! Talk about a couple that EXUDES love. They contributed to the magical energy in the air. They were so thoughtful and kind with how they integrated with our family, Bridal Party, and guests. We would have been lost without them. The experience was nothing short of incredible! It gave me such confidence to have such reliance on the people running the day! I felt like I could really relax and EXPERIENCE the day!

Bree & Jesse
WEDDING in New York

Bree has known Rocker in Love for 4 years and Jesse has known them for 3 years – they are family now. We’ve had them shoot our love session, our engagement and now our wedding. We couldn’t have imagined anyone else being a part of our wonderful day – we didn’t even shop around because I’ve worked with a lot of photographers and knew they were our team. I refer them to clients all the time and truly believe they have an exceptional eye that will give you original, intimate photos that you can cherish forever.

Lauren & Jared



The Rocker in Love team seems like a part of our family. My sister first discovered them. They did such a good job that two of my cousins and one of my second-cousins used them. It was really one of the easiest choices we needed to make. We’ve seen Rocker-in-Love in action, we’ve seen the high-quality work they produce, and we knew they’d be the only choice for our wedding. The experience couldn’t have been better. When working with the Rocker team you’re working with honest, great-hearted people. They’re creative, they’re professional, but they do such a great job of making you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Liza & Drew

tennessee WEDDING 


We have looked through all of our photos from the love session and the wedding and are absolutely amazed. The amount of professionalism and skill shown not only by Dani and Grasi but by their son Otto as well shines through in their photography. As two people that characterize ourselves as awkward in front of a camera, we felt comfortable and cared for by Rocker in Love. On the day of the wedding, Grasi and Dani made it a point to keep things calm and low-pressure, to the point where there are pictures we received we don’t remember them being there to take! They blended in and captured genuine memories rather than just photos from the day. We recommend our friends at Rocker in Love to anyone looking for artistic, unique photos to remember the best day of their life!

Vivian & Thomas



After researching and reviewing many of Rocker in Love’s photo albums from prior weddings, we quickly decided to book them for our wedding! The quality and artistry of the photos we saw were exactly what we were looking for to capture our wedding weekend. Grasi, Dani and Otto could not have done a better job photographing our wedding! Grasi and Dani could be found everywhere capturing the most important moments, with Otto pitching in on shots as well. From the family photos before our ceremony, to the shots taken on the dance floor, to the photo shoot the following day, we could not have asked for a better experience with these photographers. Grasi and Dani’s creativity and talent comes through in the pictures in absolute brilliance. Their work simply cannot be matched!

Sara & Jack



Grasi, Dani and Otto were wonderful to work with! Their enthusiasm is contagious and we were so comfortable being around them. They did an excellent job at capturing all of our emotions and the aspects os our wedding and fit right in with our family and friends. We received glowing reviews from Allyson and Samantha (my cousin and my sister) on their photos and we knew from the very beginning that we wanted our family to capture us becoming a family

Rachel & John



You guys are amazing!!!! We loved working with you three! Soo nice and your passion you have for your workand your eye for pictures was wonderful. We got so many compliments from our guests on you all that we knew you all were the perfect for us! Once we looked at your website and the style of pictures thar you take we knew we had to go with you guys! It’s amazing how you do it but the pictures you took of other couple you somehow capture their personalities. We felt like we were there at those weddings and we knew those couples. Our experience was simply stated PERFECT!

Jasminie & Eric



Easy choice. We had met them before and their personalities, family and passion for the photography was perfect. They have beautiful photos and really know how to make everything unique. They have creative, unique photos. They make every couple feel special and different. How was our experience? Wonderful! They had great ideas and knew how to make it happen!

Justine & Max



So fun and so professional. gave us truly unique shots, and we loved that it was a family affair. everyone felt so comfortable in front of the camera! they were a recommendation from our wedding planner and we love that it was a family roadtripping across the country to get wedding photos! They are the best, couldn’t imagine a better experience or better photos!

Heather & Justin

kentucky WEDDING 


Grasi, Dani and their son Otto are a photography powerhouse! We were so lucky to be part of the tour (KY) and have them with us on our big day. If you are looking for out-of-the-box, absolutely breathtaking photography and you’re getting married in one of their next states soon, I highly recommend you contact them. Our Love Session the day after the wedding was a wonderful opportunity to connect as a couple and have a meaningful private photoshoot together. Rocker in Love is a wonderful photography team and will help even the most photo-shy couple feel right at home in front of the camera.

Rebecca & Jonny



A friend had seen your story on the rockmywedding blog. We knew immediately we would be so luck to share our wedding with Rocker in Love. Jonathan got in touch by email and from there we managed to make it work for you to attend and photograph our special day. From the email communication, to the shoot in Times Square, to the wedding day itself, our whole experience with Rocker in Love wonderful family was perfect – we couldn’t have wished to share our day with anybody better. Such caring, knowledgable and supportive photographers who played a big part in making our day so memorable.

bridal couple at sunset almost kissing
Samantha & Rob



Working with Dani, Grasi and Otto was the best experience. One of our guests said it the best when she remarked that the three of them were really a part of the party! We love the way your work tells a story. Takes a creative outlook on wedding photography and really shows the personalities of the couples that you work with. We ADORED working with Rocker in Love and wold 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a caring, artistic and amazing quality photography team.

Olivia & Chris



I fell in love with Rocker in Love’s photography style. I was deeply moved by the tone and manner they depicted through storytelling in their photos. The combination of romantic and edgy style shown in their portfolio paralleled with Chris and my personal styles. I fell in love with their journey, love story and family’s teamwork. True Rockstarks

Ellena & Andrei



Rocker in Love matched the unique aesthetic we were looking for. Their work captures the emotion and feel of the wedding. Dani, Grasi and Otto were amazing. They gave great direction and provided excellent vision, very easy to work with and pleasure to be around!

Victor & Milton



Rocker in Love had such an original story and we loved the looks of their work. We chatted with them and clicked immediately and were very excited to work with them. In addition, Victor grew up in a family business in Brazil, so we naturally gravitated towards the idea of working with another Brazilian family! Grasi, Dani and Otto were all awesome! We felt so comfortable and special working with them on our wedding day. They took such incredible and thoughtful photos of us and our friends and family and we are very happy to have them selected. They are so easy to work with if you have not been photographed before. We strongly recommend Rocker in Love. Obrigado.

Claudia & Carlos



When we heard about the Rocker in Love U.S. Wedding tour we were so excited about being a part of it. Dani, Grasi, and Otto brought such great and positive energy to our wedding day. We felt totally comfortable with them and our pictures turned out beautiful. Thank you, Rocker in Love for capturing our day in such a special way.

Ellena & Andrei



Rocker in love matched the unique aesthetic we were looking for. Their work captures the emotion and feel of the wedding. Dani, Grasi and Otto were amazing. They gave great direction and provided excellent vision, very easy to work with and a pleasure to be around!

Rafa & Coner

california WEDDING


As a photographer there was one thing that I really cared about: the wedding pictures. We went to a few meetings with different photographers and I just couldn’t feel it. Then I decided to make a post on a group that focus in wedding photographers from Brazil and ask them if they knew anybody that lived in California. I received about 40 private messages and more than 100 comments on my post, some of them were even tagging Grasi. I hadn’t answered 10 of the messages when I saw hers, saw their portfolio and I KNEW they were the photographers we were looking for. After I posted our engagement pictures on Facebook, people went crazy about them and there is not a month we go without a few people asking who our photographers are.

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