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Ever feel like One day is way too short for such a great celebration of your life?


About  how many times have you heard someone say…


Weddings and their timelines can be incredibly stressful

Weddings and their timelines can be incredibly stressful. Especially if you’re trying to jam-pack everything you love and dreamed of into a couple of hours. And on top of the experience itself, you’re tasked with ensuring your guests have an unforgettable time while getting their own 1-on-1 time with you.

Forget pausing to actually talk to your partner for more than a couple of minutes. Or finish your meal without interruption. Or simply step back and soak it all in.

Most couples try to avoid this by including a first look, moving the ceremony earlier, or sneaking 5-10 minutes of alone time into their schedule.

But the truth is, it takes more than just a quick break or rearranging your timeline to slow your day down. Even if you do find a few extra minutes, you’ll have to rush back out as soon as you’ve finished exhaling.

Instead, imagine if there was another way.

Imagine having a wedding that’s relaxed and slow moving. 

Where even if there’s a few fires to put out, they don’t take precious time away from more important moments. Where you have ample time to get ready, mingle, and even sneak away for an entire conversation with your spouse.

Imagine following no other timeline than the one that feels right.

We have great news–there’s no need to imagine, because it’s already a thing.

Instead of rushing through the best day of your life, 

why not stretch it out so you can enjoy every last minute–without the stress?

Rocker in Love Stories


Growing up in Brazil, we were used to simple, slow-moving weddings that lasted a few days and included things like BBQ or brunch. Everything was relaxed and focused on the present moment.

I’ve always loved the idea of getting back to those laid back wedding celebrations. Extending them beyond the traditional one day so you can have more time with family—and more time for each other. But the truth is, even if the idea sounded nice, we weren’t living up to those values.

When Otto, our son, was born, we thought we were living the dream. We were traveling across Brazil, photographing gorgeous weddings, and living in a beautiful 5-bedroom house.

One night, I asked Otto what he wanted for Christmas. He said, “I just want to sit down and have dinner together, like a family would do.”

My heart immediately sunk. I’d spent the last 3 years thinking we were happy, but the reality was, we were addicted to work. We were so disconnected from the present moment. And worst of all, from our son.


So we sold our house, moved to the United States, and bought an RV so we could be together full-time as a family. We’ve grown to be the tightest knit family I know–supporting each other when business is slow, stepping up when things get busy, laughing and telling jokes constantly as we took on our US Wedding Tour, exploring new cities, and the best day yet–getting married in Yosemite National Park. 

Being able to spend so much time together is something we wouldn’t trade for anything. Our relationship with Otto (and now Luiz!) deepened, and as we found our new balance, we really feel like we’re living life to the fullest.

This transformation is what led us back to our passion for multi-day wedding celebrations. For simplicity and romance and slowing down. For being instead of doing. For showing up authentically instead of putting on a show.

We believe you deserve to celebrate as long as you want to, with whoever you want to, doing whatever you want to. And we want to be there capturing every last moment—so you can focus on being in them.

Why Multi-day Wedding​

+ Fun + Relaxed and stress free

What's the difference between a
traditional wedding and multi-day wedding?

Traditional Wedding

+ Feels rushed and panicky leading up to the ceremony

+ No time to deal with little fires that come up

+ Only have a couple of minutes with each guest

+ Hard to find a free moment to enjoy the celebration with your partner

+ Feels like the whole day rushes by in a blur

Multi-day Wedding

+ Fun, laid back, family reunion vibe

+ Able to spend meaningful time with all of your guests

+ Plenty of time to handle anything that might go wrong

+ Relaxed, informal, and stress free

+ Feels like one big party

Ideas for Multi-Day Wedding
If you could have your dream celebration that
lasted 3+ days, what would you do?

Some other couples have...

+ hosted a Welcome Party at an arcade bar the day before the ceremony, and scheduled the reception for the day after the ceremony

+ booked a goat farm for several nights and relaxed in hammocks, threw a bonfire, and hosted goat yoga

+ booked a large, gorgeous Airbnb for several nights 

+ hosted a BBQ the night before and a brunch the day after the ceremony

+ hosted a forest retreat wedding weekend 

+ rented a lake house for a few days

+ hired out a gorgeous mountainside estate for a few days

+ booked multiple bands in a summer camp venue and threw a music festival style wedding

We believe in…

+ Being present, taking in the moment, and spending more time with family and friends

+ Creative expression and freedom

+ Trying new experiences

+ Traveling and exploring new places and cultures

+ Connecting with nature, art, and people 

+ Dreaming big, living simple lives, and going on new adventures!!

Kind Words

“Their work simply cannot be matched!”

Grasi and Dani could be found everywhere capturing the most important moments, with Otto pitching in on shots as well. From the family photos before our ceremony, to the shots taken on the dance floor, to the photo shoot the following day, we could not have asked for a better experience with these photographers. Grasi and Dani’s creativity and talent comes through in the pictures in absolute brilliance. Their work simply cannot be matched!


“Felt comfortable

We have looked through all of our photos from the love session and the wedding and are absolutely amazed. The amount of professionalism and skill shown not only by Dani and Grasi but by their son Otto as well shines through in their photography. As two people that characterize ourselves as awkward in front of a camera, we felt comfortable and cared for by Rocker in Love. 

On the day of the wedding, Grasi and Dani made it a point to keep things calm and low-pressure, to the point where there are pictures we received we don’t remember them being there to take! They blended in and captured genuine memories rather than just photos from the day. We recommend our friends at Rocker in Love to anyone looking for artistic, unique photos to remember the best day of their life!


“So fun

So fun and so professional. gave us truly unique shots, and we loved that it was a family affair. Everyone felt so comfortable in front of the camera! They were a recommendation from our wedding planner and we love that it was a family road tripping across the country to get wedding photos! They are the best, couldn’t imagine a better experience or better photos!


“The best experience!

Working with Dani, Grasi and Otto was the best experience. One of our guests said it the best when she remarked that the three of them were really a part of the party! We love the way your work tells a story. Takes a creative outlook on wedding photography and really shows the personalities of the couples that you work with. We ADORED working with Rocker in Love and wold 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a caring, artistic and amazing quality photography team.


“Making you feel comfortable and relaxed. “

The Rocker in Love team seems like a part of our family. My sister first discovered them. They did such a good job that two of my cousins and one of my second-cousins used them. It was really one of the easiest choices we needed to make. We’ve seen Rocker-in-Love in action, we’ve seen the high-quality work they produce, and we knew they’d be the only choice for our wedding. The experience couldn’t have been better. When working with the Rocker team you’re working with honest, great-hearted people. They’re creative, they’re professional, but they do such a great job of making you feel comfortable and relaxed.


“They contributed to the magical energy in the air”

Dani and Grasi are the BEST! Talk about a couple that EXUDES love. They contributed to the magical energy in the air. They were so thoughtful and kind with how they integrated with our family, Bridal Party, and guests. We would have been lost without them. The experience was nothing short of incredible! It gave me such confidence to have such reliance on the people running the day! I felt like I could really relax and EXPERIENCE the day!



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Hello We are Rocker in Love

A family of wedding photographers together full time, on the road, capturing love.

Authors of the book collection “Wedding Tour”, we photograph weddings, cherishing the most beautiful love stories and diverse celebrations across the U.S. Our deep love of adventure brings a sense of wonder and romance to our work.

We are creative minds and souls, with a passion for capturing the truest moments, emotions and personalities, Giving you and experience that will make you smile.


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