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Samantha & Christopher

Samantha & Christopher
A Love Story from
Things you like about one another

Christopher is incredibly charming and has the most amazing way of making people feel loved and heard.

He has a lot of patience and can calm me down. He always looks for the best in situations and never lets me dwell too long on something.

He is my biggest cheerleader and though he gives me my independence, he is always there for me.

Samantha is one of the compassionate and strong-minded people I know. Her feelings are so genuine, and she isn’t afraid to express them.

She doesn’t shy away from any challenge, no matter how daunting it may appear, and she loves to try new experiences, especially if it’s food.

Things you like doing together

Going out to eat -trying new experiences -spending time at the beach -traveling - watching college sports - spending time with our dog

THE PROPOSAL - Tell us the story

Samantha’s family was coming into town for a family ski trip to big bear.

Samantha had never gone skiing before but was excited for it. Little did she know I was excited for the proposal.

Her sisters and mother knew about it ahead of time, and I was so happy they were able to make the trip to be present for our special moment.

I told her family I wanted to give a speech and before I even started, Samantha was saying “yes yes yes!!”

Admittedly, we had dated for quite some time, so every time we had a gathering i imagine she was hopeful for the moment.

As my speech progressed, she quickly realized what I was asking her, and she burst into tears. Lucky for me she said yes through those tears.

Who is your bride?

Samantha is a strong minded, independent woman who loves dogs, wine, and a great meal.

Who is your groom?

Christopher is the least selfless person I know.

He always sees the good in situations, and has an amazing ability to keep me calm.

He loves me for exactly what I am no matter the day.

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