Wedding in Arkansas


Laura & Zack
A Love Story from Arkansas

Laura and I met at a bar, as romantic as that sounds, about five years ago. I was tending bar at this dirty little dive in Burbank, CA and she stumbled in through the saloon doors and asked for an application.
I convinced the manager to hire her, even though she applied slightly inebriated, and asked him to schedule us on the same shifts so I could get to know her better. After months of wearing her down, she finally agreed to give me a chance. A few dates later and we were inseparable.
I proposed to her at night on the beach in Santa Monica. Whenever the hustle and bustle of LA began to wear us down we would head to this spot and just stare out at the ocean.
It was the same spot we went on one of our first dates and the same spot that Laura said she realized she was falling in love with me.
I don’t remember what I said and neither does she. I had gone through several versions of what I wanted to say for weeks leading up to it and in the moment I’m pretty sure I just mumbled some nonsense, blacked out and woke up engaged.
Our mutual love of unique, vintage, weathered objects found us digging through garages at estate sales together looking for buried treasure. When our collections and hoarding started to overrun our lives we decided to start selling the few things we were willing to part with at the local flea markets.
So we bought a 1956 “canned ham” camper (a Hanson Love Bug, the “Honeymoon Edition”), gutted it and turned it into a mobile boutique. And our ever so small business, Little Yellow Typewriter, was born./Wedding in Arkansas

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