New York Wedding

Bree & Jesse

Bree & Jesse
A Love Story from New York

We’ve been together for 3 years. We meet on stage in a scene at an improv practice. The suggestion was “cutout” and Bree stepped out as Barbara Streisand cardboard cut out and Jesse joined her as a Michael Jordon cutout. And we have been improvising since! New York Wedding


“I love that Bree is a magnificent light; a woman who dreams big, who isn’t afraid to take chances, and follow adventure. I love the depth of her compassion, the fullness of her wonder, and the constant of her laughter. I love that she is my teammate, my partner, my best friend. Bree is a lover, a bride who gracefully improves my character every day. She is a brilliant actress and writer and my own editor queen in chief. She is grateful, understanding, kind and true. She’s my muse in art and partner in life’s adventure and I am one lucky groom.”


“Jesse is magical. He lights up a room when he walks into it and makes everyone else feel special. He is a dreamer, a rockstar, a comedian, brightening everyones days. He is so powerful in the most subtle of ways, a fierce writer, storyteller and artists in all of the ways. He is my best friend. My partner. My teammate.”

The Proposal

Jesse truly created a movie-like proposal. Bree and Jesse did a “love session” with Rocker in Love a year earlier. So when Grasi reached out to Bree for another “love session,” Jesse seemed hesitant but ultimately agreed it’d be fun to see the Rocker in Love family. The week-of the “love session,” Grasi asked Bree if Jesse could bring his guitar to play some music as they’d like to capture some video this time. Bree said of course, just ask him, I’m super busy this week! The day before the “love session,” Bree asked Jesse if maybe we should cancel the Love Session since he didn’t seem too excited about it and Bree was super busy with auditions. Jesse said he felt like it was too close to cancel. On the day of, Grasi sent Bree the location of where to meet as they were wanting a much more “parks/nature” feel. “Hey, it’s close to where I used to live in Prospect Park.” On the train ride to the meeting spot, Bree spent maybe 15 minutes getting ready, was still painting her nails while also and working on audition and said we couldn’t do more than an hour of photos, as she had to get back home to get work done. Upon meeting Rocker in Love, Bree was trying to take everyone to the bridge in Prospect Park, but Jesse insisted we go over by the water. We walked over to the water and Bree told Grasi this is where we had our first date! (Still, truly, completely oblivious). 

Jesse got out his guitar and they sang “Indiana Girls”… as song Jesse wrote about and for Bree. In the spot where they had their first date almost 2 years ago, sushi and rose. Relaxing into it and having fun with the song, Bree was excited at the thought of all the fun shots they were getting. Still, totally oblivious. When he finished, Jesse asked Bree to grab his water. And on-looker complimented the song. “He wrote that song,” Bree said proudly, turning around to get Jesse’s water bottle for him. When she turned back around, Jesse was on one knee with a ring in his hand. “What are you doing?” were Bree’s first words, sincerely so surprised! Then he asked her to marry him, to which she said “of course I will.” Bree still didn’t realize for about another 30 seconds that Jesse had set the entire thing up from start to finish. Rocker in Love said they had to leave, and Jesse took Bree on a short walk to find her mom and sister, who flew in from Indiana, and Jesse’s family, waiting to surprise her with a sushi-rose picnic. It was all such a dream – such a thoughtful, meaningful, romantic, movie-like proposal. Bree truly couldn’t have dreamt up a better one and still gets teary-eyed talking about it today!

Bride hanging out with bride in the rain holding an umbrella

The Wedding

My dream wedding? Sunny, 70 degree, sweaty dance party in Brooklyn with food trucks and our favorite people!

My wedding for real? Pouring rain, 68 degree, sweaty dance party in Brooklyn with food trucks, our favorite people and so much love and soul! It was truly the most joyous, wonderful day!

The planning went fairly smoothly as Bree owns Blossom Events, a wedding-event planning company! But being the bride was certainly different. The hardest part was finding a hotel block booking and keeping the guest list intimate. It was actually really fun to plan our wedding, having seen and been a part of so many! We maybe wouldn’t have said this before, but the ceremony was the most important and wonderful moment on the day-of the wedding. Having all of our favorite people there, celebrating love with us was always and still is one of the most important things.

An advice I would give to a couple planning a wedding is to have EVERYTHING done before family arrives. Once family is in town, it’s almost impossible to sneak away to tie up any loose ends, and you don’t really want to at that point! Definitely have a day-of coordinator who can take everything off of your hands so you can relax and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment. It is truly a gift to yourself! Also, do all of the traditions. I wanted to skip out on things like the hora and cake cutting because we wanted everyone dancing, and they ended up being two of my favorite moments on the day of! I HIGHLY recommend some kind of coaching or couples counseling during the planning – things can get a little nutty around the 2 month mark and our officiant gifted us free life-coaching sessions, which we were excited about but didn’t put too much weight on it. It was a game-changer, truly. It reminded us why we were doing this whole wedding thing in the first place. It was like a re-commitment of “US” from the engagement, and carried us into the wedding. I can’t recommend this enough! If you’re looking for something like this, try https://brycekennedy.co/

We also tried to keep a focus on us during the planning, with “rules.” Was it fluid? Was it joyous? If not, we weren’t giving it any of our energy. This helped remind us of the kind of celebration we wanted and to keep the stress to a minimum. And know that in our experience, the hardest part was the time leading up. The day of is just so wonderful, the little details you’ve been planning for months just falls away and you’re swept up in the joyous moment of it all! New York Wedding

The Rock Star Vendors

INVITATIONS / Wedding Website – Minted

Food Trucks – Luke’s Lobster 

Food Trucks  – Eddie’s Pizza

RENTALS – Broadway Party Rentals

PLANNER – Blossom Events

FLORIST – City Iris
OFFICIANT – Bryce Kennedy

BAKERY –Pip N Bits
DJ/BAND – 74 Events

Photo Booth – Olli Studio
WEDDING DRESS – Marie Gabriel Couture
Designer – Calle Blanche
Suit –Ted Baker
JEWELRY – Bree’s engagement and wedding band – Fitzgerald Jewelry 
Jesse’s Wedding Band – Cat Bird NYC
Bree’s earrings – Olive and Piper

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