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Have you noticed that many couples feel a certain shyness or awkwardness when they are on camera?

Do you want to capture special moments, but shame often prevents you from being genuine, spontaneous and true?

We, understand the importance of capturing genuine love between couples. 

Our goal is to create a unique and moving experience where you feel at ease and emotions flow freely so that we can capture the pure essence of the love you share.

Here we have some examples of couples who, like you, had our experience and were surprised at how everything was so true and that they had an impact on amazing images.

couple in engagement session doing piggyback

All the images were taken with couples who had no confidence with the cameras and were extremely shy: We are specialists in this subject and all the engagement images were taken in Palm Springs

All the images were taken with couples who had no confidence with the cameras and were extremely shy: We are specialists in this subject and all the engagement images were taken in Palm Springs

All the images were taken with couples who had no confidence with the cameras and were extremely shy: We are specialists in this subject and all the engagement images were taken in Palm Springs

Our Journey: 

Capturing the Beauty of Shy Love

Meet Grasiele, Dani, and Otto – a trio of family whose shared passion for capturing the essence of love, especially among shy couples, led them on a remarkable journey. It all started when Grasiele, intrigued by unspoken emotions between couples, picked up a camera during college.

Dani’s technical finesse and talent for light manipulation added depth to their work, while Otto’s Storytelling prowess and knack for candid shots revealed couples’ true dynamics.

Their journey wasn’t without challenges; photographing shy couples demanded patience and trust-building. Creating a comfortable environment became paramount, revealing the beauty in quiet, unguarded moments. Word spread about their unique approach, leading to high demand. 

Their portfolio reflected genuine, unassuming connections, proving love’s brilliance beyond grand gestures.

For this trio, photography transcends pictures; it’s about celebrating every relationship, introverted or not. Through their lens, shy moments gain a voice, becoming impactful memories cherished forever. Grasiele, Dani, and Otto transformed their passion for shy love into an art form, capturing its beauty one shy moment at a tim

Our proposal:

Authentic Photo Session

We specialize in capturing spontaneous moments, not those awkward posed photos. Put aside the shame and have fun while we photograph the funniest and cutest moments of your relationship.

Romantic And Unique

With cinematic techniques and Storytelling, we capture the nuances of your love and your story, providing a memorable and touching memory.

Cozy Scenarios and Environments

We create intimate spaces, where you will feel comfortable and connected, allowing emotions to unfold naturally and without pressure.

Its more of  YOUR  love story and less awkward posing  

We specialize in guiding you through the session, ensuring that your emotions and expressions reflect you, without ever forcing you to be something you are not.


In addition to capturing the love between you both, we want the experience itself to be unforgettable. We work to create a true connection between you and show how you really are together in front of the camera.

Our Package

All packages include a complete guide for you and your partner to get ready for the Experience we are going to create!

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1 hour




Package 2

2 hour





I can’t explain enough how grateful I am for Rocker In Love!

We’re awkward people but they made us so comfortable! We did our engagement shoot with them and knew we had something special. If you want to see the real moments of your most special day, they are IT.

We knew it was going to be candid photos which took a little stress off. 

I don’t think I was even thinking about how they would look because I knew how the engagement shoot looked and I knew no matter what it would be beautiful.

It was AMAZING. When you guys came in too I felt relieved (even though I was freaking out). I loved that there was a little direction but mostly just natural movements. The photos captured our personalities and who we are and I’m SO beyond grateful we found you. 


We were fortunate enough to have Grasi and Dani take our engagement photographs, so we knew we would not be disappointed in the wedding photos. They were so much fun to work with and made us feel so comfortable during our engagement photos, that we knew we were going to love working with them again.

We cannot speak more highly of Dani and Grasi. They are kind, professional, energetic and take amazingly beautiful photographs.

They made us both feel so comfortable in front of the camera and helped make the day so stress free. You can genuinely tell that these two love their job and that makes all the difference when you are picking the right photographer to share in these intimate and special life moments with you.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and their photographs speak volumes about their talent and passion.


Having a great photographer was extremely important to both of us. We wanted to find someone who reflected our style, and captured our love for one another in a candid way. We stumbled across an article about the Tour, and decided to “apply”. We were a bit nervous, as we couldn’t meet Dani and Grasi in person, but they were SO lovely, and everything we could have asked for and more! They were very relaxed and laid back, and made us feel very comfortable. They embraced our families, and seemed really invested in how we were doing day of, not just about the photographs. They made everyone feel comfortable, which we think helped get the photos we wanted. They are kind and creative and a very lovely family, and we were sad to see them go!


Most frequent questions and answers

Engagement sessions are conducted with Dani, Grasi, or Otto, and they serve a dual purpose. Not only do they allow us to capture stunning imagery that can be used for Save the Dates and wedding websites, but they also provide a valuable opportunity for us to establish a connection and build comfort with one another.

As your chosen wedding photographers, we have the unique privilege of accompanying you throughout your entire wedding day, from start to finish. Given the intimate nature of this special occasion, it is crucial that you feel at ease and authentic while we document the precious moments.

In order to have a wider range of available date options, we suggest that you book your session at least two months in advance. Our available session times are usually on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. However, if our schedule allows, we are more than willing to accommodate sessions on other days of the week as well.

To ensure optimal lighting and capture beautiful, evenly lit photographs, we schedule engagement sessions to start approximately 90 minutes before sunset. As natural light photographers, we prefer to work during the “golden hour” when the sunlight is soft and flattering. This time of day provides a magical quality of light that enhances the overall aesthetic of the images we create together.

The session is one hour long.

Upon completion of your engagement session, you can expect to receive over 200 high-quality images. We will deliver these images to you digitally through an online gallery. This gallery can be easily shared with your loved ones, allowing them to view and cherish the moments captured during your session. Additionally, you will have the convenience of directly downloading the images from the gallery, making it effortless to save and use them as you wish.

The images will be delivered within 48 hours of your session.

We are delighted to accommodate multiple outfit changes during your engagement session. However, it’s essential to consider the session location and the availability of changing facilities. Please keep in mind that certain locations may not have nearby bathrooms for you to change outfits comfortably. Therefore, it’s advisable to plan accordingly and choose outfits that can be easily changed in alternative ways if necessary. This will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience during your session.

We kindly request that you arrive on time for your engagement session. It’s important to allocate ample time for your preparations, factor in potential traffic, and find suitable parking. By doing so, you can avoid unnecessary stress and ensure that your session is a relaxed and joyful experience. As our sessions are timed to take advantage of the best lighting conditions, any delay in starting may result in a shorter session. Our aim is to provide you with a memorable and enjoyable experience, so punctuality will greatly contribute to achieving that goal.

In the event of an emergency or severe inclement weather, we completely understand the need to reschedule your session. Please contact us as soon as possible, and we will be more than happy to find a new date and time that works for both of us.

However, if the session needs to be rescheduled for any other reason, there will be a fee incurred. When we schedule your session, we reserve that time specifically for you and are unable to offer it to another couple. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this policy, as it allows us to maintain a fair and efficient schedule for all our clients.

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