New York Love Session

bree & Jesse

Bree & Jesse
A Love Story from New York Love Session

We’ve been together for 3 years. We meet on stage in a scene at an improv practice. The suggestion was “cutout” and Bree stepped out as Barbara Streisand cardboard cut out and Jesse joined her as a Michael Jordon cutout. And we have been improvising since!

New York Love Session


“I love that Bree is a magnificent light; a woman who dreams big, who isn’t afraid to take chances, and follow adventure. I love the depth of her compassion, the fullness of her wonder, and the constant of her laughter. I love that she is my teammate, my partner, my best friend.

Bree is a lover, a bride who gracefully improves my character every day. She is a brilliant actress and writer and my own editor queen in chief. She is grateful, understanding, kind and true. She’s my muse in art and partner in life’s adventure and I am one lucky groom. “

New York Love Session

New York Love Session


“I love that Jesse makes me laugh every single day. I love that he is following his dreams, his heart. I love that he goes after what he wants and passionately makes things happen. I love that he loves adventure and has such an open, caring heart. I love that he looks at life with child-like eyes, constantly amazed. I love that he is my teammate, my partner, my best friend!”

New York Love Session

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